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Snake Bytes: 4/22 Nine to nothing

Oh yeah, and 21.2 scoreless inning streak for Gallen now...

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MLB: San Diego Padres at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Team News

Gotta be the shoes? Old cleats help Gallen build scoreless streak (Steve Gilbert)

D-backs’ Zac Gallen Ks 11 to become MLB’s strikeout leader in win over Padres

“Today was a special day for Zac Gallen,” Arizona manager Torey Lovullo said postgame. “He had all this stuff, he had all his pitches working.

‘Gotta be the shoes’: D-Backs’ Zac Gallen credits cleats for dominant start (Nick Piecoro)

“First time this year that my delivery felt fully in sync,” Gallen said. “I felt like the last few starts I was just kind of was getting by with the fastball. (On Friday night) I felt like I could command it pretty much to all four quadrants and I had some extra life and some extra velo. I was happy with how I felt today.”

Zac Gallen Embraces the Stopper Role

“It wasn’t something I really thought about until last year, just having a talk with Torey. He said, this is what the elite level guys in baseball do. They’re the stopper in terms of your team is on the skid, or you’re facing a team that’s hot. He [Lovullo] challenged me to go out there and take that role.”

Why the Diamondbacks did not call up Brandon Pfaadt to replace Madison Bumgarner

Other Baseball

Catcher jumps on pitcher to end perfect game bid

Ohtani strikes out 11, lowers ERA to 0.64

“It’s probably the best stuff I’ve ever seen,” said catcher Chad Wallach, who connected on a two-run homer in the third in his season debut. “It’s fun for me to sit back there and just catch pitches.”

Vlad Jr. adamant he won’t join Yankees: ‘I will never change that’

Guerrero said that his favorite city to play in outside of Canada was New York, but that’s only because he loves “[crushing] ‘Los Yanquistas’ (Yankees fans) and the Yankees.” When asked if he’d ever play for the Yankees at that time, Guerrero replied, “No, not even dead.”

Rays Tie MLB Record With Homers in 20 Straight Games, Beat White Sox on Walk-Off

The Oakland Athletics Chapter Is is my fandom

Anything Goes

Career appearances for Dbacks tracker:
Ziegler: 377

Chafin: 346

This day in history:
The first National League game was played in 1876, amongst other things.

This day in baseball:

Craving ice is a symptom of iron deficiency.

If you like munching on ice, you might have anemia. The compulsive eating of ice is also known as pagophagia, and could possibly be a subconscious way of cooling mouth inflammation caused by iron deficiency.

A french pig was executed for killing a child.

A pig from the middle ages was tied to a crime involving a murder. The pig was said to have come in contact with a child’s face which caused complications due to the injuries. Ultimately, this led to the death of the 3-month old child. The pig was sent to jail and eventually publicly executed.