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Meme Monday 4/17: Gallens of Fun

Zac Gallen is straight up having a good time.

Praise science for Zac Gallen. Or praise whomever you give praise to, I’m no bigot. After 2 depressing losses against the Miami Marlins, hope has risen once again. The D-backs’ ACE and freshly-awaken D-backs offense worked together to crush the Marlins and avoid a potentially humiliating sweep in Florida. Thank you Diamondbacks! Now, obviously there is a GIANT elephant in the room, or clubhouse if you will. Hopefully that elephant will be set free soon, although I doubt anything will happen on that front until Davies returns and starts some games. So, we’re probably stuck with the elephant for now. In the meantime, you’re stuck with these memes. Enjoy.


Found Memes: