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Snake Bytes 4/15: Don’t Go Away Mad, Bum - Just Go Away

At least he made it through three innings before imploding this time.

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Miami Marlins Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 1, Miami 5
The player of the game for Arizona has to be Peter Solomon, who came in and gave his team three innings of shutout ball, allowing two hits. You love to see that from your bullpen. Too bad it came on the heels of Bumgarner surrendering five runs in five innings.

Bumgarner Rocked Again
The positive takeaways here are that Bumgarner managed to make it all the way to the fourth inning before soiling the sheets. Then, he tossed a zero on the board in the fifth. Some might look at this game and say the man did fine, outside of one bad inning where maybe the Marlins got a bit lucky. Those people didn’t watch Bumgarner labor to not only find the results he did, but to turn in as “quality” a performance as he did.

Five Run Fourth Dooms Bumgarner, Snakes
In fairness to Bumgarner, after imploding in the fourth inning, he came out and pitched a perfect fifth before Torey Lovullo finally brought the hook. The outing lasted 82 pitches and five innings of work, making it Bumgarner’s longest of the season.

How Much Longer for Bumgarner

Bumgarner allowed seven balls in play over 100 MPH today, and four more between 95-99.

With a number of rookie arms pushing for their turn in the rotation, how much longer can Arizona wait for Bumgarner to find some answers before they finally pull the plug. Are the rookies’ floors higher than Bumgarner’s at this point?

Other Baseball News

Blue Jays End Rays’ Run at 13
The Tampa Bay Rays’ run of consecutive wins has come to an end at 13, leaving the sabermetric darlings of the last decade tied with the 1982 Braves and 1987 Brewers for the best consecutive win streak to open a season.

Giants Sign Logan Webb to 5-year Extension
The San Francisco hurler will bag $90 million on what appears to be a team-friendly deal.

Mets Walk to Victory
Francisco Lindor contributed seven RBI in the rout of the Oakland A’s, but the real story is that the Mets drew themselves 17 free passes in the tilt, which saw the Mets score 17 runs.

It’s Jackie Robinson Day
The number 42 will be on display around baseball today as MLB celebrates Jackie Robinson Day.