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“There’s no ties in baseball!!!” 4-4…. Bleh


MLB: OCT 05 Diamondbacks at Brewers
Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

My exile from Bally Sports still endures, but I’m optimistic that I, like Napoleon, shall flee the isle of Elba and March on to greater glory as the season begins.

For now though let’s take a brief look at this mostly meaningless and TIED Spring Training game.

Merrill, back from a pretty exciting World Baseball Classic, made a solid outing today. Or it was until he got shelled in the 5, which was right after our bats gave home a nice comfy 3run cushion in the top of the frame.
That was the end for Kelly’s afternoon, and the beginning of a whole slew of relievers, substitutes and other changes in the lineup.

From henceforth neither the Brewers and the Diamondbacks felt like winning this game despite a few chances here, there, and everywhere. Thus, we find ourselves out last in the ninth inning where PJ Higgens decided to take it upon himself to end this game with a solo shot in the ninth.

regrettably, the Diamondbacks bullpen had other plans and a flurry of Brewers batters and runners eventually led to a game tying walk that left us all in shock and disgust when that became the final outcome shortly thereafter.

Yay Spring Training!!!