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Place Your Bets on the 2023 Diamondbacks!

A sucker is born every minute, but luckily, that’s not you, right?

an ariel shot of Vegas featuring Caesar’s palace with the fountains in the foreground Photo by: Visions of America/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Welcome back to the Snakepit Casino, where everyone’s a winner! Or something like that. We’re in international waters, good luck suing us for false advertising. It is I, Imstillhungry95, your AZ Snakepit Entertainment Manager, here to give you the odds, take your money, and hopefully not use this baseball bat I have stashed under the counter :-)

How it works

I’m bankrolling each of you with S$1,500 in SnakePit Dollars [actual value 0.00000000000001 cents], which you can divide up and wager on the lines as you think fit. I’ll accept entries up until the first pitch on Opening Day.

In an “over/under” bet, a sports book will set a number, and bettors can choose on which side of that number the actual result will fall. The most common such is the total points in an NFL game, but it can be run on just about any sporting statistic. If you win, you get double your money [actually, it’s typically a shade less than double, the difference being the house edge, but we’ll just say double for our purposes here]. If you lose... Well, I trust I need not draw you a picture, but it involves a vice and Joe Pesci, if my recollection of Casino is correct.

To place a bet, you simply put your lines and amount wagered on each, in the comments below. For ease of my inputting them into the spreadsheet, entry lines should be in the form:

  • Diamondbacks - Wins, S$300, OVER

which means you are betting Arizona will win more than the specified number. However, so you don’t just throw it all on one bet, we cap the maximum wager. This used to be S$500, but to make it a bit more thought-provoking, I AM DROPPING THE MAX BET ON ANY SINGLE WAGER TO S$300. So you’ve got to have at least FIVE lines. You can have more, of course, by betting less than the limit. All player lines are transferable, so if anyone is traded, the line goes with them. Only regular season games are counted too, so if the D-backs make the post-season, those contests will not be included.

The Lines

Most lines courtesy of BetOnline

  • Diamondbacks wins: 80.5

Christian Walker - Total HR’s: 27.5

Christian Walker - Total RBI’s: 82.5

Corbin Carroll - Total HR’s: 16.5

Corbin Carroll - Total RBI’s: 62.5

Corbin Carroll - Total Steals: 27.5

Corbin Carroll - ROTY Finishing Position: 2.5

Zac Gallen - Total Wins: 10.5

Zac Gallen - Total Strikeouts: 185.5

Torey Lovullo - Ejections: 2.5

Starting Pitchers Used: 13.5

Most Saves by a Single Player: 18.5

MLB Debuts: 11.5

There you have it! We’ll have regular updates on the progression of the lines throughout the season. All bet’s must be placed by first pitch on opening day, and remember, maximum bet is S$300 per line. Incorrect lines will be removed with prejudice. Good luck! But not too much :-)