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Snake Bytes: 3/26 It’s starting to click

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MLB: MAR 23 Spring Training - Dodgers at Diamondbacks

Team News

Diamondbacks Bullpen Takes Shape in Win Against Mariners

Solomon ‘happy to get opportunity’ against M’s

“I tried to compete in the zone,” Solomon said. “Throw a decent amount of fastballs, just try to challenge the bat. The cutter is working pretty well to get them off that timing. I threw a couple good breaking balls. I really just tried the full mix and throw everything in the zone, and make them not be able to just sit on one pitch, any one count, or anything like that.”

Pitchers sharp as Diamondbacks mull final roster decisions

The decision on Solomon seemingly will come down to how comfortable the club is moving one of its young starters into a relief role to start the season. Team officials have sounded more willing in recent days to make that move with either Ryne Nelson or Drey Jameson, depending on which pitcher wins the fifth spot.

‘It started to click’: D-Backs’ Zac Gallen feeling good ahead of opening day start

“Me and (pitching strategist Dan Haren) were just texting briefly,” Gallen said. “He said, ‘It’s OK to get hit in spring training. You have no game plan.’ Some guys I’ve never seen before. You have no idea what’s going on out there. For me, I can game plan and have an idea of what I’m going to throw to a lineup and it tends to serve me a little bit better. In terms of giving up hits, there are probably sequences that I wouldn’t throw that maybe result in hits or walks, but I still need to practice those pitches and have a feel for them.”

Ahead of schedule? Diamondbacks open 2023 hoping youth will be served

Other Baseball

Jeurys Familia To Sign Major League Deal with Athletics

Cardinals To Select Jordan Walker

Joey Votto May Begin Season On Injured List

Top 10 bullpens for 2023, ranked

Anything Goes

This day in history:

This day in baseball:

What to know about the Premier Hockey Federation’s Championship at Mullett Arena

“It’s obviously fun to be somewhere warm where we’ve been in Minnesota or in the Northern part for hockey,” Whitecaps forward Sydney Brodt said. “It’s also cool to be growing the game in kind of a non-traditional market in Arizona. I know they have a cool youth women’s program called the Kachinas that is getting bigger and bigger. There are some cool women’s hockey players that are helping with that. It’ll be a cool experience.

Clayton Keller establishing his place in Coyotes history during comeback season

Since returning from the All-Star break on Feb. 6, Keller has 37 points (16 goals, 21 assists) and is second in the league in points in that span behind Connor McDavid. He leads the league with 28 even-strength points (13 goals, 15 assists).

Blue-eyed people have higher alcohol tolerance.

Research in 2000 found that those with lighter eye colors are less likely to abuse alcohol. Thus lesser consumption and developing a higher tolerance.

The Baseball Hall of Fame had a secret inductee.

In 1988, a surreptitious addition to the Baseball Hall of Fame was made without anyone knowing. A bar owner visiting the hall slipped a photo of his father in a baseball cap into one of the glass cases. This photo remained in the hall for over 6 years before being discovered.

Happy Spring!

Me c.1987 in CT