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Your Saturday Sporcle: WBC D-backs

One last Sporcle before we hit the season - and it’s a tough one!

2023 World Baseball Classic Pool D: Game 10 Team Puerto Rico v. Team Dominican Republic Photo by Rob Tringali/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Keith Olbermann aside, everyone seems to agree that the recent World Baseball Classic was a tremendous event - likely the best one to date, and a huge success with fans. We’ve followed the progress of our favorite countries, and also individual players, with a whole slew of names from the Diamondbacks involved, both well-known and less familiar. But what of previous years? That’s what the final Sporcle is about. Big props to DBacksEurope for doing the necessary research on this, to come up with a list of all the Diamondbacks-affiliated personnel to have appeared across the history of the World Baseball Classic, since it started back in 2006.

This is particularly tough, because there are players included who never made it to the major leagues. As DBE mentioned to me, “There was one man who was only with the Diamondbacks during Spring Training, when the WBC took place!” However, we are giving you a lot more information than normal. You’ll get the WBC year, country and position, plus the player’s initials, as well as the highest level they reached as a D-back, and the year or years it was achieved. I think we’ve just about given you everything we can, short of the actual name! But I would say this is still one where you’ll be doing well to get much more than a quarter of them.

The quiz is below, or it’s linked here. As usual, last names only are fine. I think I filtered out all the ñ’s from the names. :)