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Spring Game: Diamondbacks 1 Host Angels 7

Some Arizona pitchers did not allow runners to score.

Record: 12-12-1

It’s just Spring Training. It’s just Spring Training. It’s just... yikes. Davies had a rough day. He gave up three runs in the first on what gameday describes as big hits (triple scored on a groundout, ground rule double upheld after review, and an Adell homer - that’s a rare sight these days). Meanwhile the offense fizzled other than a Rojas walk. Lewis singled in the second, so that’s something.

Davies gave up another run in the third though. this time Urshela doubled and Rendon singled him home (Rendon looks pretty good after several very disappointing years). Marte tripled in the bottom of the third, but no one else could touch Anderson in a meaningful way, so he stayed on the newly enlarged safety pillow. After another single in the fourth, Davies was removed in favor of Sam Clay who promptly gave up a 2-base stolen base with an error assist from newly minted primary catcher Moreno. A walk later, Clay gave up a run scoring single to add another run on Davies’ tab for the day...

Lots of nothing until the sixth from that point forward. Clay pitched a “scoreless” .2 innings. Vargas actually pitched a scoreless .2 scoreless, and Mantiply pitched an inning, giving up 2 runs. Lots of defensive changes as occurs in Spring Training, none of which helped the Arizona offense. Los Angeles Anaheim kept their starters in until the sixth though, with only a single defensive replacement until that point and Tyler Anderson still on the mound like the game mattered or something (or they don’t have as many bullpen arms to test out, not sure). Gameday had a little mix up in the top of the sixth and seems to have lost track of an Angel on third. My assumption is he was out at home on a wild pitch strikeout, but there’s no confirmation for that (I was unable to listen today).

By the seventh, at least Anderson was out. But the C-string replacement players hitting in Sedona Red couldn’t do anything. Luckily, Perdomo and Gurriel were late game replacements as well, combining for a walk, wild pitch advance and double to at least remove the shutout against Tepera. Things almost got interesting in the bottom of the ninth with Hager getting a single and Fletcher taking a HBP, but Herrera blissfully struck out in time to watch the real game today. So go watch that and comment here later.

No MVPs. This was a pathetic showing today all around.