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Snake Bytes 3/18: Things are Starting to Heat Up

Arizona’s pitching competition heats up and so does WBC’s level of excitement.

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Steve Gilbert Predicts Opening Day Roster
Not really any surprises here, though there might be a few disappointments.

How Injuries Have Shaken Up the Bullpen
Two of Arizona’s expected 2023 relievers are headed to the 60-day IL. That may be both good and bad news at the same time.

Other Baseball News

Each Team’s Best Prospect Fastball
Anyone who has been paying attention to Arizona’s spring training can likely guess who is representing Arizona on this list.

MLB’s Rule Changes from a Game Design Perspective
I’m still dubious about at least two of the changes, but I am still waiting for the final analysis at the end of the season.

Olivia Pichardo Makes Baseball History
Brown University’s utility player made history by becoming the first woman to participate in NCAA Division I baseball.

Darren Baker’s Grand Slam Walks Off Father
The big fly was only his fifth round-tripper since leaving high school.

Miguel Cabrera Reaffirms 2023 is Final Season
Joking tweets about playing longer to take advantage of Detroit’s new fences aside, this, the final year of his contract, will also be the final year of his playing career.

MLB to Increase Scrutiny of Pitchers for Foreign Substances
Can we just stop with the nonsense already?

World Baseball Classic

Mexico Enjoys Thrilling Comeback, Advances to Semis
After falling behind 4-0 in the first inning, Team Mexico clawed its way back and finally prevailed over Puerto Rico on Thursday night, setting up a semi-final contest against Japan on Saturday.

Benji Gil Calls Quick Turnaround a Disadvantage
While Gil insists he won’t be making any excuses, he has a point. Fox mandating a change in the schedule to ensure that they get to air Team USA instead of a different match has created something of an imbalance.

Team USA Meets Team Venezuela in Quarterfinals
Team USA’s next challenge in its title defense comes tonight (much to Benji Gil’s chagrin) against undefeated Team Venezuela.