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Diamondbacks Spring Gameday Thread #22: @ Rockies

A road-game at home for the D-backs...

St Patrick’s Day 2005 Photo by Paul Faith - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images


  1. Kyle Lewis, LF
  2. Josh Rojas, 3B
  3. Lourdes Gurriel, DH
  4. Seth Beer, 1B
  5. Carson Kelly, C
  6. Diego Castillo, 2B
  7. Yairo Muñoz, RF
  8. Geraldo Perdomo, SS
  9. Tim Tawa, CF
    + RHP Ryne Nelson, RHP Luis Frías, LHP Kyle Nelson, RHP Ryan Hendrix, LHP Andrew Chafin, RHP Carlos Vargas

Jake McCarthy is a late scratch from this one, due to experiencing the dreaded “flu-like symptoms”. Let’s hope it’s no more than that. Good to see both Perdomo and Castillo back in the line-up after their scary collision earlier in the weak. We also got word that Corbin Martin’s damage is a torn lateral tendon. He’ll be re-evaluated, but the initial impression is that, like Mark Melancon, he is going to be out for months rather than weeks. But at least it was not Martin’s surgically repaired elbow, so it could have been worse.

This one is a webcast, so can be found at I’ll post the direct link to the stream in the comments as usual.