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Mike Hazen and Corbin Carroll discuss the contract extension

Before today’s game at SRF, the GM and top prospect talked about the recently-signed contract extension.

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Mike Hazen

Hazen praised Carroll, saying that since he came into the organization, he has been “a model in some many different ways, of what we are looking for in an Arizona Diamondback player.” The contract was also about sending a message into the clubhouse, that the organization is committed to investing in the team. Hazen did admit that trading Paul Goldschmidt might not have been the best thing in terms of the clubhouse. But Hazen believes that Carroll goes to bed every night, “fixated” on what he can do to help the team win. Whatever happens, a lack of preparation or work won’t be an issue. “The game matters, his career matters, his family matters, his team-mates matter - and that matters to us.”

Corbin Carroll

The player began be expressing gratitude to every involved with the extension, and also his rehab. As far as he was concerned, the contract as signed was “a no-brainer”. If it hadn’t been signed before the season, it probably would have been put on the back-burner. “I’ve always felt like I play me best when I’m comfortable, in terms of having a place where I feel supported. Arizona has been that place for me, ever since I was drafted” and to be able to say that will continue “is a really good feeling.”