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Your Saturday Sporcle: The best D-backs by state

From A to...well, W, anyway.

Arizona Diamondbacks v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

Last Sporcle, we looked at leadoff hitters for the Diamondbacks, and 106 of you decided to try your luck. The results were a bit better, with an average score of 40% across the board. The numbers were particularly decent at the bottom end. The least-remembered person was still recalled by 9.4% of you; perhaps surprisingly, that was Scott Hairston. #FreeScottHairston. Gregor Blanco and Jon Jay rounded out the bottom three: both quite recent, yet clearly forgettable. At the top end, Tony Womack was the most remembered, appearing on 87.7% of entries, with two men who might see action there this year, Ketel Marte and Nick Ahmed, also coming in above 70% recognition.

At the start of the week, I dug into the 400+ players for Arizona who were born in the 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington DC, and that was quite a fun exercise. As promised, this Sporcle is based off the same theme. You have to name the best player for Arizona born in each state. This is decided by bWAR, either as a pitcher or a hitter - there’s no cross-promotion. e.g. Zack Greinke gets no credit for his hitting. This one should be a little easier, because we are, inevitably, speaking about some of the best players ever in Arizona. You also start with 6 free points, the states with zero D-backs. But some of these are still basically impossible. If you get Montana... well done. That’s all I got.

Still, let’s set the bar at 50%. With the freebies, you only need to get twenty of the others, and that should be reasonably attainable. This one did take rather more manual work than most, so if I managed to get through all 46 entries without typoing, it will probably count as some kind of miracle! Apologies in advance if not... As usual, last names only are fine, and here’s the mobile link.