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AZ Snakepit Fantasy Baseball 2023

Think you’re a better GM and Manager than Hazen and Lovullo? Now is your chance to prove it!

A female soccer player sits in front of a Macbook computer in a minimalistic living room near a large picture window Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images

It’s me, ISH95, your Entertainment Manager for AZ Snakepit! In addition to your weekly dose of comedy (comedy not guaranteed), Pit Your Wits, I will also be commissioner of the Minor League for Fantasy Baseball, for what I believe is the 18th season of the Snakepit leagues. With the first Spring Training games today, I figured now would be a good time to get this started, giving us plenty of time to fill the league and settle on a draft date.

Let’s jump right into the specifics!

  • There are two leagues. The Premiere League, which is full, and The Minor Leagues. If you’re in the Premiere Leagues, don’t worry! Jim will still be handling that. I think.
  • There will be eight spots available in the Minor Leagues. The first players to speak up in the comments will get in, with anyone after that point being on the waiting list, in case anyone in the first batch doesn’t respond to their invitation.
  • I am one spot of the eight, and Justin has already spoken for the second, so there are currently six spots open. In the past, the league had 12 spots, but that was becoming increasingly harder to fill. If there is enough interest, however, I am willing to consider expansion. Just call me Rob Manfred.
  • Make sure the email address on your SnakePit profile is up to date, because that’s where the invitation will be going.
  • Yahoo Sports is the provider of choice. We will be going with 5x5 standard rotisserie categories, head-to-head, snake draft for the settings.
  • As an added incentive, the winner of the Minor Leagues gets a promotion next season to the Premiere League! Congratulations to Spencer for earning the promotion last season!

That’s all there is to it! Sign up in the comments below and let’s get this started!