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Snake Bytes 2/22: It’s Spring Training, Time for the Rains to Fall

Welcome to February in the Valley of the Sun.

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Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Exploring Early Deal with Carroll
Michael McDermott takes a look at what some similar deals from other teams looked like. With those numbers, it seems like Arizona fans should get their fill of Carroll over the next three or four years - before he is gone to greener pastures (and pocketbooks).

Jack Somers Interviews Drey Jameson
Jack Somers sat down with one of Arizona’s brightest pitching prospects to discuss offseason plans, pitching repertoires, and other various and sundry items.

Josh Barfield Talks Player Development
Arizona’s farm director has some interesting insights on player development and some takes on the tools found in Arizona’s blossoming minor leagues.

Longoria’s Presence Being Felt
While he signed on to play every day, not to be a player/coach hybrid, Longoria is already rubbing off on some of the youngsters - and vice versa.

Diamondbacks Single-Game Tickets on Sale Monday
Single-game tickets for the Diamondbacks’ 25th anniversary season go on sale at 9 a.m. Monday.

Other Baseball News

First Day Jitters Lead to Broken Tooth for Francona
Despite his many years of success at the highest level, the Guardians’ Terry Francona still gets the jitters when it comes time to make his first day speech.

Is a Move to Left in the Works for Judge?
The Yankees’ captain seems to be up for it if it helps improve New York’s offense.

One Reasonable Goal for Each Team
For Arizona it is, “Live up to the ‘sleeper team’ talk.” That’s an ambitious goal for Arizona that may or may not be entirely reasonable, depending on how one views the staff and depth.

Holliday Not Your Typical 19-year-old Prospect
It’s uncommon for a player fresh out of high school to have a locker in a clubhouse filled with Major League veterans just seven months after being drafted. Yet, that is exactly what the Orioles have on their hands 0 and he seems right at home.