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Snake Bytes: 2/12 The Badminton final is today, right?

Cricket, maybe? I swear there is something.

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Team News

D-backs, LHP Andrew Chafin Reunite On One-Year Deal
The article linked, is Jack’s piece.

Diamondbacks To Sign Andrew Chafin

MLBtraderumors article

13 Diamondbacks Named to WBC Rosters

Here’s a prediction for D-backs’ Opening Day roster

Josh Rojas eager to play with, learn from new D-Backs teammate Evan Longoria
From January 30th

“I’m really excited to start taking ground balls with him because he’s a great defender and that was one of my biggest weaknesses last year was playing defense,” Rojas said. “I’m excited to take some ground balls with him and pick his brain a little bit about what he thinks about, what he does, his pre-set, his glovework, his footwork, things like that.”

D-backs High-A manager Ronnie Gajownik tells story of hiring

Other baseball related news

Diamond Sports Group, operator of Bally Sports RSNs, reportedly filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy next week

As for the future of local media rights, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said the league was prepared to step in and make games available in the event of Diamond declaring bankruptcy.

Frugal MLB owners’ complaints about profligate spending won’t fix the problem

“What the Padres are doing, I don’t 100% agree with, though I know that our fans probably agree with it,” Monfort told the Denver Post’s Patrick Saunders. “We’ll see how it works out. … It does put a lot of pressure on you.”

Craig Counsell, Brewers “Have Had Conversations” On Future

“I’m in a great place. I love doing what I’m doing. The ‘why’ is still intact – like, why I originally wanted to do this. It’s still front and center for me, and why I love the job. I’m happy. Mark [Attanasio] and I have had conversations and I’m sure those will continue. And meanwhile, I’ve got my feet in 2023 and I’m ready to go,” Counsell said.

Filled with stars, Team D.R. has sights on Classic title

Marlins, A’s swap former first-round picks

Anything Goes

Coyotes D Chychrun a healthy scratch due to ‘trade related reasons’
Let’s just have this saga be over with please. He asked for a trade after last season, but he is under a guaranteed contract for the next to seasons, so Armstrong doesnt HAVE to trade him... It looks like I missed a wild 3rd period last night. They Coyotes lost 6-5 to the Blues in overtime, but I had turned it off when it was 4-2 Blues.

Hosting its third Super Bowl, Glendale is no longer ‘the middle of the middle of nowhere’

This day in history:

This day in baseball:

‘G-mail’ was once the name of a free email service from Garfield’s website.

This was available long before Google launched its webmail service. However, only little record of this service survives today.

Take out restaurants have been found in the remains of Pompeii.

The Thermopolium of Asellina was found with traces of old food serving counters in its remains. This can be found on the archeological remains of Via Dell’abbondanza street at the Ruins of Pompeii.

Having blonde hair is a result of the melanin production in your hair.

The pigmentation of melanin determines the color of your hair. The more eumelanin that the hair produces, the darker the hair will be. On the flip side, more pheomelanin makes your hair reddish. If you have low levels of both pheomelanin and eumelanin, there’s a higher chance that your hair color will be blonde.