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Your Saturday Sporcle: The World of the Diamondbacks

Can you name the best Diamondback from each country?

Vintage globe of the earth Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Last week, we challenged you to name the best D-backs from the 46 states: okay, 44 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. 97 of you made the attempt, with an average score of 42%. Randy Johnson was the most-named, at 89%; Luis Gonzales, Paul Goldschmidt, Curt Schilling and A.J. Pollock round out the top five, all over 80%. Goldy and Curt were one of only two players from their respective states, Delaware and Alaska. At the other end, only one person got each of Troy Brohawn, Matt Lindstrom, Matt Koch and Keith Hessler. But there were some other surprisingly low scores. Max Scherzer was remembered by only 8%, while Andrew Chafin and Josh Collmenter both came in at 17.5%.

From states to countries now, and this one should be relatively quick, since even including the United States of America, there are still only 17 countries from which the D-backs have had players. The top half-dozen might not pose too many problems, but some of the countries where there is a smaller talent pool, could prove tricky. If you can get 50% i.e. any more than eight, you’re doing quite well, I’d say. As usual, last names only are fine, and here’s a link if the embed is giving you grief. Feel free to put your scores, along with any embarrassing misses or impressive hits, in the comments.