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Snake Bytes: 12/3 A new Sheriff in town

My player review last night was Chafin, who’s knickname was “the sheriff”.... Lawson Crouse has been dubbed “the sheriff” for his physical play (and he can score, so he isnt some goon)

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NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Arizona Coyotes Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Team News

Diamondbacks enter winter meetings with clear priorities

Arizona Diamondbacks hoping to round out roster as winter meetings begin

“We still have the potential to get a DH that could be right-handed,” Hazen said. “If that happened, then I don’t know that getting a right-handed hitting outfielder is as important. I think if we added another right-handed bat to our lineup, however it comes, I think we’d be in a pretty good spot on that side. I don’t know that we need to do two.”

What is the Big Red Flag with Randy Arozarena?

Any time a team is trading with the Rays, they would be wise to examine all possible red flags with extra scrutiny.

Scott McGough Has Up-Down First Season in Arizona

Other Baseball

A’s Las Vegas Ballpark Renderings Release Party Put on Hold

Blue Jays and Padres Juan Soto Trade Talks ‘Intensifying’, says MLB Insider

Answering 6 questions looming over Winter Meetings

Ohtani reportedly meeting with clubs; decision coming soon?

Padres Interested In Corbin Burnes

Dodgers Agree to Re-sign Joe Kelly

Anything Goes

Yotes Notes: Killer Penalty Kill & Crouse’s Stellar Month

November has been a month to remember for Lawson Crouse.

The 26-year-old forward has scored all 10 of his team-leading goals this month, and is one shy of tying Andrew McBain and Dale Hawechuk’s [HOFer, but was only an original Winnipeg Jet. Franchise relocated to Phoenix for the 96-97 season] franchise-leading mark of 11 in November.

Arizona Coyotes lock down defensively on St. Louis Blues, extend win streak to four games

This day in history:
Illinois became a state in 181, and the first human heart transplant occurred in 1967.

This day in baseball:

When you sneeze, your heart stops for a millisecond.

Ever let out a sneeze so hard, you feel like everything stopped for a moment? Well, your heart literally does stop when you sneeze, but only briefly.

The U.S. government issued Santa Claus a pilot’s license.

They also gave the jolly fat man a copy of airway maps in 1927 and had promised to keep the runway lights on. Many believe that this airway route is what he mainly uses to deliver his presents so quickly.

Cool, but my first thought was Final Destination...