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Snake Bytes: 12/24 Merry Christmas!

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Team News

The Diamondbacks Will Be Back to Ruin the Party

And I have to say, this loss, the pain, it’s been a lot easier to deal with because of all the fans coming up and telling me how much fun this was, or thanking us for the ride and for the memories. It really helps you process everything. It’s like: We still did something incredibly cool. Something that mattered to a lot of people, and got them excited about baseball in this city, and made them proud. That’s a special thing to have been a part of.

The Diamondbacks rekindled Arizona’s love for its baseball team. Can they keep it going?

After second-half surge, Gabriel Moreno will be among Diamondbacks’ keys to 2024 success

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. fit with Diamondbacks, relationships in clubhouse drove return

Arizona Diamondbacks youngsters Gabriel Moreno, Luis Frias and Geraldo Perdomo opened their phones to a simple message from a veteran leader: “You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

Jansel Luis’ Youth and Upside Makes for Bright Future

Other Baseball

Here are the prospects to watch for every MLB team

Padres Sign Yuki Matsui To Five-Year Deal

Here is the best season by each HOF ballot newcomer

Giants, Murphy officially agree to two-year deal
Murphy is off the table.

Tigers sign Shelby Miller to one-year deal
Shell-me Miller is off the table, too...

Ryan Minor, who replaced Ripken to end the streak, passes away at 49

I was extremely nervous. I can’t say I wasn’t,” Minor told The Oklahoman at the time. I looked at [Ripken] and said, ‘Thanks for the opportunity,’” Minor added. “He looked at me and said, ‘Go get ‘em.’”
His BR page

Anything Goes

This day in history:

The Christmas Truce | What really happened in the trenches in 1914?

This day in baseball:

Spider and spider webs are Poland’s common Christmas tree decors.

Their legend tells of a spider weaving a blanket for Baby Jesus. Moreover, spiders in Poland symbolizes Christmas goodness and prosperity.

Ivy and holly were common home decorations ever since the 9th century.

They serve as symbols of everlasting life. The holly signifies the crown of thorns on Christ’s head, while the berries portray his blood.

Poinsettias are not poisonous.

The Aztecs farmed the Mexican-native flower, calling it Cuetlaxochitl, meaning “flower which wilts.” Poinsettia’s brilliant red colour stands for purity and has medicinal uses in reducing fever.