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2023 SnakePit Awards: Unsung Hero nominations open

Who might it be? The process starts here...

Philadelphia Phillies Groundskeeper, 1978 NL Championship Series SetNumber: X22778 TK2 F3

I always enjoy this category. Not least because it’s an easy one, since I don’t have to come up with a list of initial nominations. It’s all on you, folks! As tradition has it, I’m not even going to put any suggestions into your minds about who might be a good candidate. Because then they would no longer be “unsung” would they? I will, however, give you a list of those who have triumphed in this category previously, so you can see the sort of thing we mean.

Previous winners

Usual rules apply:

  • Go to the comments section.
  • If your choice is already mentioned there, give it a “rec”.
  • If your choice is NOT mentioned, leave their name as a new comment.
  • One nomination per comment
  • Duplicate nominations will get deleted.
  • On Wednesday, I’ll tally up the recs, and use those as a guide towards a list of five or so nominees.

Have at it, and I’ll step aside!