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2023 SnakePit Awards: Game of the Year nominations open

Once more, with a regular and post-season subcategory

MLB: Texas Rangers at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

No shortage of meaningful and fun games in the regular season for Arizona this season. 84 wins, plus a loss which saw the team still make the playoffs for the first time since 2017. So, as defeats go... This was then followed by ten more post-season wins, all of which had their moments! As before, we will be splitting this award up to honor both parts of the schedule. However, with regard to the playoffs, I’m going to include all ten wins on the form, so there’s no need for any nominations there. But I am still considering whether to do ranked voting or first-past-the-post for that, so feel free to comment on that topic in the comments.

Here’s how the process works. Note the new, first line, after there was... some confusion during the last category!

  • One nomination per comment
  • Go to the comments section.
  • If your choice is already mentioned there, give it a “rec”.
  • If your choice is NOT mentioned, give us some way to identify it uniquely, e.g. September 8th, 1-0 @ Cubs, and leave that as a new comment.
  • Duplicate nominations will get deleted.
  • On Wednesday, I’ll tally up the recs, and use those as a guide towards a list of five or so nominees in the regular season category.

Here are a few potential candidates to get you going, however. Links go to the recap of the game in question, to refresh your memory about what they involved!