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Place Your Bets: The Payout

I don’t think Jim is going to ask me back to run the casino next year...

By Carol M. Highsmith - This image is available from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID highsm.04649.

Optimism was the name of the game this season, and if you bet the over on something, hey, odds are you went home winning something. Let’s take a look at how the lines shook out

Diamondbacks wins: 80.5 - OVER

Actual - 83

Despite getting some grief for setting our own line for this one, turned out it was rather spot on, with it being close enough that it could have gone either way. It turned out to be a big winner for most, as only seven of the twenty two bets took the under on this line.

Christian Walker - Total HR’s: 27.5 - OVER

Actual - 33

Christian Walker - Total RBI’s: 82.5 - OVER

Actual - 103

Like you’ll see with the most of the lines, Walker performed well enough to hit the over on both of his lines we featured at the start of the season. Interestingly enough, and I have no idea what this means, but Walker total RBI’s got the least action out of any of the others. Only five people bet on the line, but four of them correctly chose the over.

Corbin Carroll - Total HR’s: 16.5 - OVER

Actual -25

Corbin Carroll - Total RBI’s: 62.5 - OVER

Actual - 76

Corbin Carroll - Total Steals: 27.5 - OVER

Actual - 54 steals

Corbin Carroll - ROTY Finishing Position: 2.5 - OVER

Actual - 1st

Corbin Carroll sure is neat, isn’t he? Nine more home runs, fourteen more RBIs, nearly double the stolen bases, and oh yeah, won the ROY. This section pretty much speaks for itself, but one interesting anomaly is that everyone who bet on the steals line took the over. Maybe next year Carroll steals will need it’s own adjusted line like wins...

Zac Gallen - Total Wins: 10.5 - OVER

Actual - 17 wins

Zac Gallen - Total Strikeouts: 185.5 - OVER

Actual - 220 strikeouts

Our third place but first in our hearts Cy Young finisher easily took finished over for both of his lines (noticing the theme yet?) as he lead the pitching side of the team towards the playoffs. Gallen wins was the most bet of any line, with 23 gamblers putting it into their parlay. Perhaps the most telling is that only one of those 23 bet against it...

Torey Lovullo - Ejections: 2.5 - OVER

Actual — 3

Starting Pitchers Used: 13.5 - UNDER

Actual — 9

Most Saves by a Single Player: 18.5 - UNDER

Actual — 13, Paul Sewald

MLB Debuts: 11.5 -UNDER


This section had two of the most surprising results to me. For a team that was expected to be in a proving and building year, there was a surprising lack of MLB debuts. The other intriguing one is the lack of pitchers. It definately felt like there was more uncertainty in the rotation, but with Gallen, Kelly, and R. Nelson combining for 91 starts, and Pfaadt, Davies, and Henry combining for another 52, it limited the starts left over for everyone else. They might not have been good starts, but there were plenty of them.

Now that we’ve seen how the lines worked out, let’s see how you bandits did. Check out what you bet here

Final bets

Player Total winnings
Player Total winnings
DbacksEurope 1500
EdTheRed99 1500
eel2 1500
MrRbi17 1500
sensurround 1038.48
GuruB 1000
gzimmerm 900
Hannibal4467 900
joecb1991 900
Justin27 900
Lamar Jimmerson 900
LeftFieldCorNWer 900
Michael McDermott 900
ryeandi 900
FootstepsFalco16 810
Spencer Ogara 800
Smurf1000 700
chronicles_of_the_desert 300
ChuckJohnson56 300
Jack Sommers 300
Jeremy C Young 300
Jim McLennan 300
Makakilo 300
NikT77 300
kilnborn 300
Xerostomia -100
SafeTwire389 -500

Well the house got taken to the cleaners this year. I checked the numbers multiple times, but in the end, only two contestants lost money. That’s just insane. The bettors went optimistic, and unfortunately for the Snakepit Casino, all lines arguably hit the positive result. Congratulations especially to our four perfect parlays, DbacksEurope, EdTheRed99, eel2, and MrRBI17!

And with that, we close the doors of the Snakepit casino. Until next year, if our bankruptcy goes through in time!