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Snake Bytes: 11/16 Thank you, Lopez.

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Muskox (or Muskoxen. Ovibos moschatus) in deep snow during winter. Europe. Scandinavia. Norway. Bardu. Polar Park enclosure Photo by: Martin Zwick/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The lead picture is an homage to the player review, to be posted later today. I will be taking over the Thursday SBs in addition to my Sunday ones. Thank you for your contributions Lopez.
“Everyone” should be familiar with the “send soandso to Greenland” comments. The story of the musk ox is thus: One night, MadBum was having a bad outing, shocker I know. Someone had said send Mason Saunders to Greenland. Kilnborn or Jack responded with, there are no rodeos there. I said, “he can lasso musk oxen” Which prompted Jack and Dan to look up the animal and Dan used images of musk oxen on a few of his MadBum start game recaps.

Team News

Zac Gallen finishes third in NL Cy Young voting as Padres’ Blake Snell wins award (Nick Piecoro)

Diamondbacks’ Zac Gallen finishes No. 3 in NL Cy Young race, Blake Snell wins

Gallen places third in NL Cy Young Award voting

Diamondbacks protect Blake Walston, leave off sluggers ahead of Rule 5 draft (Nick Piecoro)

Diamondbacks add LHP Blake Walston to 40-man roster for Rule 5 Draft protection

Diamondbacks 2023 Season Review: NL Wild Card Series

Other Baseball

Cole wins long-awaited first Cy Young while Snell snags second

Washington’s goal with Angels? ‘Hit the ground and make it happen’
Too bad the Angels haven't recently had two future HOFers they failed to build around. (sarcasm)

Brewers promote Pat Murphy to manager

Rickie Weeks to be on his staff....

MLB Considering Reduction Of Pitch Clock With Runners On Base

MLB Wants To Shave More Time Off Games, Proposes Revised Rule Changes In 2024

Former Baltimore Orioles Reliever Targeting MLB Return After Stint Overseas

MLB Network to air new documentary ‘Brett’ on Dec. 7

Here were the toughest Rule 5 calls and their outcomes

Anything Goes

This day in history:
Oklahoma entered the Union in 1907.

This day in baseball:

“Pants” used to be a dirty word.

Shortened from pantaloons, “pants” was considered vulgar by some language commentators. In Ambrose Bierce’s 1909 book Write It Right, he wrote the following on using the term “pants” for trousers: “Abbreviated from pantaloons, which are no longer worn. Vulgar exceedingly.”

An episode of Peppa Pig was banned in Australia.

This was mainly due to the episode’s message that aimed to teach children not to fear spiders. For Australians, spiders found on the continent are much larger and deadlier compared to other parts of the world. This episode was banned in the country so that children would not harm themselves whenever a spider was around.

Pencil means “paintbrush.”

It’s one of the interesting facts that sound like we’re kidding, but we’re serious. The word “pencil” comes from the Old French word pincel, which translates to “a small paintbrush.”

The oldest surviving pencil was from the 1600s.

The world’s oldest pencil was found on the roof of an old German house while it was being renovated. Stationery brand Faber-Castell has since acquired the pencil.

I actually have had a similar experience. I once was told by an old lady, “we shouldnt be cleaning the bathrooms when the store is open, and customers are in the store.”
Can you imagine how disgusting they’d be by 5 or 6 in the evening, etc?
How much you want to bet she would be the first person to complain to a manager the bathrooms are bad....