Potential Trade Target: Nolan Gorman

In my mind, Gorman would be the perfect target as he addresses the biggest hole in the Dbacks lineup as well as addressing one of the biggest needs in adding some thump to the lineup. In his first 689 major league at bats has already slugged 41 home runs while being roughly the same age as Carroll, Moreno, Perdomo, and Thomas. Talk about adding some power to the core that we hope to be here for a very long time!

The 91 loss Cardinals already have a wealth of infielders including Arenado at 3B through the 2027 season and Brendan Donovan at 2B. John Denton recently reported 2 days ago that Cardinals GM John Mozeliak recognizes "In any [free agency or trade] markets, there are times when you have to make uncomfortable decisions. We understand that." John Denton brings up in his article that ’50-home run potential of Nolan Gorman’ could be at the heart of those uncomfortable decisions.

What the Dbacks have going for them is that Gorman is far from a finished product as he struck out 148 times last season in 464 plate appearances for a 32% K rate. Not many 23 year olds are finished products. What they also have going for them is the depth of infield talent and the need for the Cardinals to make some moves to improve given their aging cornerstones in Arenado and Goldy.

What the Dbacks don’t have going for them is the biggest need of the Cardinals being front line starting pitching. A need of the Dbacks as well. The Cardinals also don’t have really any holes in areas of the Dbacks depth like the Toronto Blue Jays did in the outfield when the Dbacks did a similar deal just last offseason. I am not sure how much it would take to get Gorman, but given his age and team control, probably a lot. Also after seeing what Hazen did last offseason with Moreno, what GM in their right mind is going to trade a 23 year old he asks for?

What could shift things however would be if the Cardinals were able to land a top of the free agent class arm like Snell or Yamamoto. With almost every team in the league desperately searching for starting pitching, the Dbacks could leverage guys like Cecconi or Ryne Nelson as they still have upside while already some major league and postseason performance. But then maybe the Dbacks should hold onto them? You can never have too much pitching either….