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Saturday Sporcle: Name the 2023 Diamondbacks

How soon have you forgotten?

Colorado Rockies v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

The D-backs used a total of 54 players this year, which is three fewer than they did in 2022. Of those, 24 were position players, and 30 pitchers (there were also four who showed up in both categories). At the top end, there shouldn’t be many problems. There were six position players who appeared in 125 or more games, with fourteen to play at least 50 times. On the mound, 22 pitchers appeared in at least ten games. I’d like to think most of those should stick in your mind, at least somewhat. Then there are the ones who flew across the firmament of Chase Field like they were meteors. There aren’t many position players (only two had fewer than 10 games).

But the pitchers? There are eight whose appearances were in single-digits, though at least one of them should be difficult to forget - much though we may want to. And, yes, that is a clue. There are two in that group who, never mind remembering, I’ll be flat-out impressed if you are able to SPELL them correctly. I’m just glad I was able to use copy-paste to put together this Sporcle. I’ll set the overall bar at 50%, so 27 names. See how you do. You have 12 minutes to complete the quiz and as ever, last names only are fine. [And I filtered out the “Jr” from one player!]

Looks like Sporcle have changed their embed code, so not sure how well it’ll work below. But if you are having issues, here’s the link to it.