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Meme Monday 10/9: Deal With It

Analysts and cry-baby fans everywhere balk at MLB’s postseason scheduling

Friends, the highest seeded teams had like a week off during the wild card games and that is 100% the reason why those better teams are not starting off well in their respective division series. Manfred ruined another one. You know, it’s not enough to win 100 games or your division anymore just to be crowned league champion. Now you have to take time off before you play your 1st postseason game and by-golly that just isn't fair! Imagine, playing additional baseball games before you are handed the World Series, which you basically deserve because ESPN and the media in general loves you. This isn’t 2020. Your team actually has to work for the ring, and part of that means hanging back while the wild cards are sorted out. If the Diamondbacks lose today it will clearly be the fault of yesterday’s day off. No one travelled yesterday. Saturday’s game 1 wasn’t a getaway game, wtf. Point being, shut up, stop crying, and play baseball. Tommy Pham said it best - see below:

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