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Pit Your Wits ‘23: The Wrap Up

So who did you decide is the 2023 Pit Your Wits Champion?

Confetti lying on the ground following the parade for a World Series Champion. There is a banner in the background that says WORLD SERIES 2021 Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back!

After a long season Diamondbacks regular season, which was far more fun than any season in a while, we also reached the end of the PYWs season. In a season that saw dominating performances from a few contestants, it still had to come down to just a simple, purely democratic, vote. You were given the choice between kilnborn and gzimmerm. It was the closest in vote recent memory, breaking down 55-45 when it was said and done. And taking home the trophy with that 55% of the vote is... KILBORN!!!

A cup style trophy, with large handles that vaguely resemble viking drinking horns. The cup and handles are gold, with a mahogany colored base. On the cup, the Snakepit logo is embossed and the base is captioned to read “kilborn 2023 Champion”

With that kilborn takes his place in relative immortality, among the previous winners of PYWs. Congratulations!

PYWs Hall Of Fame
Jack Sommers
Jack Sommers*
Keegan Thompson
Previous seasons have been lost to the inevitability of time

And now another season is officially come to an end. Thank you, dear reader, for continuing to humor me and play along with my silly game. It’s greatly appreciated. I have a lot of fun coming up with this series for you every year, and I’m glad that you seem to as well. PYWs wouldn’t be possible without your participation!

Until next season!