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Snake Bytes: 10/8 Eleven runs!

Kelly got the job done too, hence my hat tip.

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Division Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game One Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Team News

Aggressive Diamondbacks offense crushes Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers in Game 1

“It was great to come out the gate swinging it, thought there was a lot of quality at-bats just like it’s been all postseason for us,” Carroll said. “It’s taken a full team and collective effort to get these wins.”

Diamondbacks chase all their demons out of Dodger Stadium, grab NLDS opener

“Definitely coming in here in the past,” center fielder Alek Thomas said, “they’ve been tough for us as a whole and we’ve been baby brother a lot and, you know, it felt good to do that in the playoffs and give it right back to them. So hopefully we can build off today and take that into the next (game).”

D-backs pummel Kershaw, rout Dodgers in NLDS opener

Kelly ends drought vs. Dodgers with gem in postseason debut

“I’m watching our guys beat up on one of the best pitchers that we’ve ever seen in our lives — and watching them do it in the first game I’ve ever pitched in the playoffs,” Kelly said. “I’m just trying to enjoy it, kind of take it all in, while also walking the fine line of being able to stay focused, knowing that’s a good team over there, and they can put up a lot of runs in a hurry.”
How many pitches?? Thomas makes history with well-earned homer

Diamondbacks’ Derrick Hall on Mike Hazen extension: ‘a no-brainer’

“We committed when we came out here to building something that involved winning, not just doing this job to do this job or some perception of what could be deemed doing this job well, (like) building a farm system or finishing .500,” Hazen said. “(The goal is) going deep into the playoffs and winning a World Series. That’s not done. We’re not even close to that yet.”

Other Baseball

Saturday’s top prospect Fall League performers

Phillies click on all fronts to shut out Braves in Game 1

Analyzing key catcher’s interference call in Phillies-Braves Game 1

Stay classy Philade....oh, wait...

“All I had was the big board,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said. “I looked, and Murph didn’t say anything, and I don’t know that a hitter reacts like that. Things happen too quick for a guy to react like that if it didn’t happen. But I couldn’t tell off the video there.”

Defending champ Astros continue playoff dominance, win Game 1

Twins show heart with late rally, but fall short in ALDS G1

O’s prepared to ‘answer the bell’ after G1 loss

MLB playoffs 2023: How the Texas Rangers found Evan Carter, the surprising star powering their postseason run

Alcantara to miss 2024 following Tommy John surgery

Anything Goes

This day in history:

This day in baseball:
In 1956, Don Larsen threw a perfect game in the WS against the BRO Dodgers. He had actually given up 4 runs in 1.2 IP in game 2 of that series.

The first service animals were established in Germany.

Service animals were more commonly used by the time of the first world war. However, references in history suggests that the use of service animals has been practiced since the mid-16th century.

The feeling of falling when half asleep is called a ‘hypnic jerk.’

It sounds like an insult, but I’m sure we’ve all experienced being startled awake because of the feeling of falling. Scientifically, there is still no explanation for why we get hypnic jerks. However, anxiety, caffeine and physical activity close to bedtime make a hypnic jerk more likely. They are also more frequent in younger people.

The Lucy Fossil was an Australopithecus that (may have) fallen out of a tree.