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10/3 NLWC Game #1: Dbacks 6, Brewers 3

We take a 1-0 series lead.

Wild Card Series - Arizona Diamondbacks v Milwaukee Brewers - Game One Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

First inning

We are underway! Corbin Carroll vs Corbin Burnes to lead things off. The Brewers crowd roars at the first two pitched from Burnes. Carroll will ground out to the second baseman, Brice Turang. Marte hits a grounball to 1B, but it went foul, a few more pitches and he will also ground out to Turang. Pham sees 8 pitches, but eventually grounds out to second. Burnes started walking off the mound thinking various pitches were strike 3, at least twice.
Pfaadt making his post season debut, well obviously. He walks Yelich on a full count. Contreras dumps one into RF, Yelich is able to advance to 3B. Marte playing in the hole, and Santana drills one past a diving Marte into the OF. First and second now, 1 run in and nobody out. Canha strikes out. Frelick also strikes out. Good bounce back, now try and limit the damage to one. Adames also strikes out on a slider low and away.

Second inning

Walker leading things off, takes the count to 3-0 and then two pitches later lines a single to LF-CF. Moreno pops out to Santana in foul ground. Gurriel strikes out, but Walker steals 2B with no throw. Alek Thomas strikes out, stranded Walker.

Donaldson starts it off with a single. Turang squares to bunt, but it went foul, couple more pitches he bunts it right to Pfaadt for the sacrifice. Tyrone Taylor drills a pitch into the LF stands, 3-0 Milwaukee. Yelich singles to right. Contreras grounds to Perdomo, who gets Yelich out, but they can’t complete the double play. Santana will fly out to LF to end it.

Third inning

Longoria strikes out looking, didnt like it. Perdomo singled to RF. CORBIN CARROLL WITH A 2 RUN BOMB! KETEL MARTE GOES BACK TO BACK! Tie game! Marte had a home run against the Dodgers in the 2017 NLDS. Paul Goldschmidt, who was in his rookie season in 2011 when we played Milwaukee in the 2011 DS, hit 2 home runs in 5 games. Pham lines out to Taylor, in RF. Walker full count, but will strike out to end it.

Let’s see how Pfaadt pitches now after that half inning. Canha strikes out. Frelick singles, Moreno can’t make a play. Adames drills one, just foul home run distance, full count, dumps one in front of Gurriel. Frelick got into 3B, and Gurriel threw to 3B and Adames is able to get into second. Mantiply up in our bullpen now. Donaldson, full count, pops it up to shallow CF and Thomas has it not deep enough for Frelick to score (he did bluff). We have a pitching change and Mantiply is in. Pfaadt threw 67 pitches, gave up 7 hits, 3 runs and is responsible for the runners on base. Turang walks and the bases are loaded. Taylow grounds out to Perdomo leaving the bases loaded. The Brewers do not score, that could be huge.

Fourth inning

Gabby hits a no doubter to LF-CF, and we lead it 4-3! Gurriel will ground out to Adames. Alek Thomas strikes out. Longo, who made the first out last inning, flies out to RF for the final out of this inning.

Mantiply in the game still. Yelich grounds out to Marte. Miguel Castro will now come on and pitch. Contreras walks. Santana drills one to deep CF, I thought was gone off the bat, but Thomas is able to get to it. Canha grounds out to Perdomo.

Fifth inning

Perdomo walked to lead things off. Burnes at 86 pitches. Carroll, full count, pickoff play at 1B close. Injury delay, Santana may have jammed his hand fielding the throw. Santana stays in the game. After the long delay, Burnes’ first pitch misses badly, Carroll walks. Now we will have our first Brewers pitching change, Abner Uribe now in the game. Marte taps out to the pitcher, CC and Perdomo advance. Pham strikes out. Walker walks on 4 pitches. Moreno grounds out to Adames at short.

Ryne Nelson now in the game. Frelick grounds to Marte, but Ketel misses the ball so he is aboard. Adames singles to RF. Donaldson single and the bases are loaded with no outs. Turang gets hit by a pitch on the first thing he sees, Frelick scores and it is tied. Wait, TL is challenging the HBP. The call on the field is overturned! (Did not hit Turang’s back foot) Turang ends up striking out. I guess TL has seen enough from Nelson, Ryan Thompson in the game now. Full count to Taylor, lines one that looks like extra bases, but LONGO HAS IT! He tosses it to Ketel to double off Adames! What a play from the veteran. In the GDT it has been pointed out that the camera angle started going to LF and that on the radio side Chris said base hit, before correcting himself. After all that, NO Brewers runners score.

Sixth inning

Elvis Peguero now on for the Brewers. Gurriel strikes out. Thomas grounds out. Now Longo, he will single into RF. Hoby Milner comes in to pitch, LHP. Perdomo grounds out to the pitcher.

Thompson in the game still, no real surprise. Yelich walked. Contreras grounds to Longo, Yelich went past 2B then tried to dive back. Call on the field is safe, but Ketel immediately said that he got Yelich. So the Dbacks will challenge. The call on the field is overturned. So it is a runner on 1B, with 1 out. Santana strikes out. Canha bounces into a 6-4 put out.

Seventh inning

Milner still in the game. Carroll singles to LF. Marte flies out to Frelick, and here comes CC4. Looks like former Dback Joel Payamps will come in, 2.55 ERA in 70.1 IP to go with 77 strikeouts for him this season. Pham, the count is full, Pham strikes out swinging as Carroll takes off on a hit and run. Carroll is called out at 2B, but he is not leaving the base, and the Dbacks will challenge the out call. The call on the field stands, so it is a “strike him out, throw him out” double play.

Kevin Ginkel on to pitch. Frelick sees 8 pitches, but will strike out. Adames hits a hot shot down the line to Longo, who made a full out stretched stop. Adames is on board, but that was a good play. The following batter, Josh Donaldson, then grounds into a 5-4-3 double play!

Eighth inning

Payamps still in. Walker singles. Gabby, 3-0, he walks on the next pitch. Gurriel grounds out, but both runners safely advance. Thomas strikes out. Longo now coming to the plate, with 2 runners in scoring position, but grounds out to Payamps.

Ginkel still on. Jesse Winker will pinch hit for Turang, and strike out. Taylor also strikes out! Ginkel strikes out the side, as he gets Yelich! Ginkel is pumped up, and you can hear a pin drop in Milwaukee.

Ninth inning

A couple of substitutions for the Brewers. Andruw Monasterio will come in to play 2B and the pitcher will be Devin Williams. Perdomo and Carroll both walk. Marte strikes out swinging. Double steal attempt, Contreras throws out Perdomo as the lead runner. Carroll at 2B. Third pitch of the at bat to Pham, and a wild pitch will advance Carroll. Pham walks. Pham steals 2B (or rather there was a low pitch an he took the base without a throw. I would almost call it a defensive indifference, but I dont know why you would do that in this situation). Walker drills one to the wall for a double! Pham and Carroll both score, to make it 6-3. Just missed a home run, it went 410 feet and would have been a home run in 11 out of 300 ballparks. Counsell will bring in Bryse Wilson. Moreno grounds out to Santana.

Paul “seawall” Sewald now in the game. No Fernando Rodney experience, please. Contreras the first batter and strikes out. Santana, on the first pitch he sees, pops up to Thomas. One more out to get now. Mark Canha, 0-4 with 2 Ks on the night, he gets hit by a pitch. Sal Frelick now, Canha will take 2B on defensive indifference, Frelick flies out to Gurriel! We take game 1!

The Brewers out hit the Dbacks 12-9, but had 11 LOB and were 3-11 with RISP. The Dbacks had 8 LOB and were 1-10 RISP. Time of the ballgame, 3:36.

Not surprisingly, a very lively GDT. As of right now, 588 comments, roughly 15 comments turned red! I am awarding Xero’s comment as COTN as he posted this comment right before Walker’s double. It was the most reccd and he did say he would happily eat crow.

Tomorrow night will be a 4:08 AZ time start time for game 2 with Gallen on the mound.