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Will Diamondbacks Break Wild Card Records?

Every win and every record broken will be awesome and fun.

Corbin Carroll shows that stealing a base can be wild.
Corbin Carroll shows that stealing a base can be wild.
Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

This season’s Diamondbacks are wild! The season was successful because they made the post-season. What made it sweeter were the generally low pre-season expectations.

In the Wild-Card series, each Diamondback win would be awesome. Each broken record would be fun! Let’s look at some records that could be broken.

Data from Baseball Reference, Wikipedia, Baseball Savant, and ESPN.

Epic Battles in a Wild-Card Game.

An epic battle means that the losing team scored at least 8 runs. Five teams have won epic battles:

  • 2014 Royals, 9-8 vs A’s
  • 2017 Diamondbacks, 11-8 vs Rockies
  • 2020 Padres, 11-9 vs Cardinals
  • 2020 Yankees, 10-9 vs Guardians
  • 2022 Mariners, 10-9 vs Jays

The Diamondbacks are known for fighting till the last strike. They have many come-from-behind wins. They are the type of team that could easily add another epic win! If that happens, the Diamondbacks will be the only team with two epic wins in wild-card games, which would be a record!

Hits in a Wild-Card Game by a Team.

The 2017 Diamondbacks had 17 hits at Chase against the Rockies. That is the most hits by one team in a Wild-Card game. The Diamondbacks’ offense can be streaky. When they get hot, records like this can be broken.

Reaches On Error In A Wild-Card Game by a Team.

In the 2012 Wild-Card game, the Cardinals reached base on error three times against the Braves. Throws to first base, second base, and home plate were responsible.

The Diamondbacks aggressive baserunning often forces defensive errors. They are the type of team that could break this record.

NL Team With Least Appearances in a Wild-Card Series.

In September, there was a four-way tie for least Wild-Card appearances in the NL. The Diamondbacks, Phillies, Marlins and Nationals were tied with one appearance. With their second appearances, the Diamondbacks, the Marlins, and the Phillies are no longer tied for this record. The Nationals will be the sole holder of this record. Sometimes, no longer holding a record is a good thing.

Stolen Bases in a Wild-Card Series by a Player.

In a wild-card series, there is a six-way tie for the most stolen bases (two). One of the six was Tommy Pham in 2020.

This season, Corbin Carroll’s 54 stolen bases is the third most in the Majors. His 5 runner runs are tied for the 2nd – 4th best in the Majors.

My confidence is high that in a 3-game series, Corbin Carroll will break this record.

Stolen Bases in a Wild-Card Series by a Team.

The most stolen bases by a team was 7 by the 2014 Royals. Two of the seven stolen bases were by pinch runners (Terrance Gore had zero PAs, and Jarrod Dyson’s only PA was a sacrifice fly).

This season, the Diamondbacks’ 166 stolen bases is the second most in the Majors. There is a good chance the Diamondbacks could break this record.

Triples in a Wild-Card Series by a Player and by a Team.

The most triples by a player was Ketel Marte with two in 2017. In that same series, the Diamondbacks had the most triples by a team (4). The additional two triples were by AJ Pollock and relief pitcher Archie Bradley.

This season through 26 September, the triple leaders were:

  • 10 triples, Bobby Witt Jr.
  • 9 triples, Ketel Marte
  • 9 triples, Corbin Carroll
  • 9 triples, Gunner Henderson

The player and team records for triples could possibly be broken by the Diamondbacks.


The Diamondbacks had a successful season because they exceeded expectations and reached the post-season. Every win and every record broken will be awesome and fun.