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Snake Bytes: 10/29 A new post season record...

And the first road WS win in franchise history... (hat tip GuruB for point that out last night)

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Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Marte is 28-80 (.350/.366/.613), with 3 HRS and 13 RBI in 18 post season games with us.

Team News

Pham, Diamondbacks pour on the hits in World Series win over Rangers

“Montgomery was throwing a really good sinker and change-up today, and I knew after my first at-bat, my approach wasn’t going to work against him today,” Pham said. “So I kind of had to go to Plan B and work the right side to stay on that heavy sinker and that change-up. And it worked.”

Merrill Kelly Dominant as D-backs Even Up World Series

Kelly thrills D-backs — and grandma — with dazzling Game 2 start

“She was so thrilled,” said Kelly’s wife, Bre, who watched the D-backs’ 9-1 victory alongside the Kelly family. “I asked her earlier tonight and she said the last game she saw him in was Little League. She had tears in her eyes. Just so happy. It was incredible.”

What made Diamondbacks’ Merrill Kelly so effective in World Series gem vs. Rangers

“I go into every game trying to dot every single pitch I throw,” Kelly said. “I want to throw it right on the edge the best I can to my ability every single time I go out on that mound and every single bat that I have. Just obviously some games it works out better than others.”

Here’s why an Arizona Diamondbacks World Series isn’t the same without super fan John McCain

Ketel Marte breaks MLB record, hitting safely in 18th straight postseason game

Anything Goes

I have a little story. The White Sox used to play Spring Training in Tucson, they won the World Series in 2005. My mom took me to a ST game in 2006 and they had the World Series trophy on display. It was on a table behind a roped off area. I went around it, and touched the trophy. I touched the WS trophy it was awesome. I am not sure where the guy “guarding” it was or if he just saw some dumb kid. My mom was...not happy in the moment that I did that but it has developed into a fun “remember when...” memory since. I was 20, going on 21 in September of that year.

This day in history:

This day in baseball:
There was no WS game on this date in 2001.

Elephants will comfort each other when sad.

Elephants will often use their trunks to console each other during stressful situations. Some research has found that elephants will also make noises to comfort each other along with touching each other’s trunks.
They also mourn the deceased.

Spider webs were used as bandages in ancient times.

In ancient Greece and Rome, doctors used spider webs as bandages for their patients. Supposedly, spider webs have natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which helps with cleaning and preventing infection. It was also said that spider webs are rich in vitamin K, which helps clot blood and close wounds.