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T-shirts. So. Many. D-backs. T-shirts!

FILL your wardrobe!

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Propelled by the Arizona Diamondbacks unexpected surge to the World Series, Breaking T have been churning out a whole slew of shirts. Who can blame them for wanting to mark the achievement, and the players who accomplished it. I don't want to spam the whole front page with a post for each shirt. But for search-engine purposes, let's list the topics of these new offerings.

  • Honor Kevin Ginkel with Ginkelmania
  • Celebrate a Sedona Red October
  • Tell everyone it's Arizona against the World
  • Go throwback style and Party Like It's 2001
  • Alternatively, have yourself a Marte Party
  • The Snakes are Alive!

All shirts are as follows:

  • Officially licensed product of MLB Players, Inc.
  • Super-soft, durable t-shirts and hoodies
  • Designed and printed in the USA
  • Free returns and exchanges

Check out the whole line here

[We receive an affiliate commission on all sales through the link, which helps keep the lights on at SnakePit Towers!]