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Snake Bytes: 10/15 Doldrums

To be completely honest, I wasn’t originally going to bother with this since there was no action yesterday...

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Team News

Diamondbacks feel ready for raucous Phillies environment: ‘That’s the fun part, right?’

“The sports fan in me is so excited,” Walker said. “Talking about potentially one of the best, maybe the best, postseason environments in baseball, not a lot other stadiums and atmospheres come to mind. It’s what you think about when you’re a kid hitting fake home runs out in the backyard and making fake crowd noise.”

How the Diamondbacks plan to stay sharp before NLCS vs. Phillies begins Monday

The Diamondbacks got back on the diamond and participated in an intrasquad game with umpires and walk-up songs at Chase Field on Friday. Crowd noise and even some heckling were pumped into the ballpark with a loud environment waiting in Philadelphia.

How the D-backs are outbattling everyone

After Gallen and Kelly, D-backs’ NLCS pitching plan still developing

Ryne Nelson is the most likely candidate if the D-backs go with a traditional starter for Game 4. The rookie right-hander appeared in 29 games for Arizona this year, 27 as a starter, and was 8-8 with a 5.31 ERA. It’s also possible that the D-backs opt for an opener in Game 4. It’s a concept that the club had mostly rejected the last several seasons, but one it began embracing this year after the losses of starting pitchers Zach Davies, Tommy Henry and Drey Jameson to injury.

Can Philadelphia Phillies Slow Down Diamondbacks in NLCS?

Other Baseball

Link to the AZ Fall League

Let’s predict the 4 possible World Series narratives

Mariners’ Bliss extending breakout campaign in Fall League

Pressly the perfect closer for all-Texas ALCS

Castellanos and son take postseason ride together

As there is a deep drive to left field...

Chisholm undergoes toe surgery, won’t run for 3 months

5 days ago, but first Ive heard it.

Anything Goes

This day in history:
Wayne Gretzky broke Gordie Howe’s points record.
Fun fact: if he never scored a single goal, he would still be the alltime points (goals+assists) leader on assists alone. Gretzky amased 1,963 assists. Jaromir Jagr, the #2 in points had 1,921

This day in baseball:
We clinched the DS against the Cardinals in 2001. Also, Kirk Gibsons I cant believe what I just saw home run in 1988.

Swearing can relieve pain.

A Keele University study revealed that volunteers who used profanity could endure pain 50% longer than those who did not curse.

No word on the pain tolerance of New Yorkers....

Russians believe that eating ice cream will keep you warm.

This is a method used to trick your body into thinking that its body temperature is crashing. This will then automatically force your body heat to readjust to survive.

Half of all bank robberies in the U.S. are done on a Friday.

According to 2011 government statistics, bank robberies in the U.S. take place most often in mid-morning, on Fridays and in the southern and western states. Out of the total stolen US$43 million in 2011, only a measly US$8 million was recovered.

Have a few been attributed to Rebecca Black?

I do that all the time at work when I let someone use the bathroom that I’m in the process of cleaning.