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Your Saturday Sporcle: Veteran pitchers

Now, let’s see how many of our grizzled hurlers you remember...

Arizona Diamondbacks Headshots Mandatory Copyright: Copyright 2004 MLB Photos

Firstly, thanks to the 65 who took up the tricky task of naming our veteran position players. This was tough as expected, with an average score of only 30%. Some names were well remembered: Matt Williams topped the chart at 88%, with Luis Gonzalez and Steve Finley also above 80% name recognition. But the drop-off was steep, only three more - Tony Clark, Mark Grace, Jay Bell - were remembered by over half the contestants. The lack of recent names was a factor. Among the ten least-recalled, eight were a decade or more old, the newest exception being Chris Stewart (6%). Dead last though was Chris Donnels from 2002, who played 74 times, though only got 93 PA. He was named on just one of 65 attempts.

Will this week’s be any easier? Probably not, I fear. Because there are just as many obscure names who took the mound for Arizona over the years. There were a few even I had to look up, to confirm they weren’t position players! [For the purpose of this, I’m excluding those emergency pitchers, so no Mark Grace - even though he was certainly more memorable as a pitcher than some of these names...] However, there are at least a few recent ones, with both three this year and last, so that might help. Eight Increased to ten minutes by request to complete, and last names only are fine. I did have to edit out a couple of funky characters in those names: apologies in advance if I missed any...

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