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2023 Diamondbacks games

Game 5 Revisited: Leaning into the Pain

For the second time in the decisive homestand, the D-Backs failed to perform in the clutch.

WORLD SERIES GAME 4: Rangers 11 @ Diamondbacks 7: If Only

...Walker didn’t err, Castro was younger, Seager played for Arizona, the offense showed up before the 8th... Onto Game 5 of the WORLD FREAKING SERIES!

Diamondbacks 1, Rangers 3: Whatevs

Arizona could perhaps have won this. But they did not.

Arizona Diamondbacks 9, Texas Rangers 1: The Answerbacks

After a heartbreaking loss last night, the Arizona Diamondbacks rebounded in a big way to win Game 2.

Diamondbacks 5, Texas 6 (11 innings): Texas Toast

Gallen pitched respectably, the offense showed up for awhile, the bullpen finally broke.

NLCS GAME 7: Diamondbacks 4 @ Phillies 2 - 4 MORE TO GO

OMG! Arizona played arguably the most complete game of their season when it mattered most; now they need only 4 more wins to etch the Sedona Red into History right next to the Purple and Teal!

Diamondbacks 5, Phillies 1: Let's go all the way!

The D-backs forced Game 7 behind Merrill Kelly

Arizona Diamondbacks 1, Philadelphia Phillies 6: Nothing Easy Is Worth Doing

If the Arizona Diamondbacks truly aspire to reach the World Series, they will have to earn it and win two consecutive games in Philadelphia.

Diamondbacks 2, Phillies 1 - Walk It Off

Brandon Pfaadt was superb in his second straight start these playoffs, but the bats continued their struggles and needed Ketel Marte heroics in the 9th to secure their first victory in Game 3 of the NLCS.

Diamondbacks 0 @ Phillies 10: NLCS Game 2

Yowzah. House Money ran out in Philly

Diamondbacks 3, Phillies 5: Only a Flesh Wound

Zac Gallen's early struggles dug too large a hole for Arizona.

D-Backs 4, Dodgers 2: How Sweet the Sweep Can Be

The D-Backs utilized a single explosive inning and impressive clutch pitching to sweep a seemingly sleepwalking Dodgers team.

Diamondbacks 4, Dodgers 2: No blow-out? No problem!

The Dodgers hopes of leveling the series go up in smoke...

Arizona Diamondbacks 11, Los Angeles Dodgers 2: Dangerous Team

Unlike 2017 the Arizona Diamondbacks will not be swept in the National League Division Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Diamondbacks 5, Brewers 2: Revenge is sweet

12 years after Ryan Braun cheated us out of the NLCS, the D-backs swept the Brewers out of the post-season in their own park

10/3 NLWC Game #1: Dbacks 6, Brewers 3

We take a 1-0 series lead.

Diamondbacks 1, Astros 8: Phoning it in

It was kinda like that.

Arizona Diamondbacks 0, Houston Astros 1: Close Enough

Both the Arizona Diamondbacks and Houston Astros clinched a postseason berth tonight despite only one team walking into the clubhouse the victor of this game.

Diamondbacks 1, Houston 2: Not Quite Yet

With a win tonight, we’d be in the postseason. Sadly, it didn’t happen. Yet.

Diamondbacks 1, White Sox 3 - Catch Me If You Can

After a 15 run explosion in the series opener, the offense shut down, only mustering 7 total hits across the next 2 games culminating in a series finale defeat against the White Sox.

D-Backs 3, White Sox 0: A Critical Series Win

TL;DR: The D-Backs utilized one big inning and a shutdown pitching performance from Brandon Pfaadt and the bullpen to secure a critical series win.

Diamondbacks 15 @ White Sox 4

Pale Faced with the season hanging over the abyss? Arizona looked past Davies’ typical start to destroy that other Chicago team and their run differential

Diamondbacks 4, Yankees 6. Lazy Late Losing.

The Diamondbacks lost a viable game, blowing a lead 3 times.

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Diamondbacks 7, Bronx Bombers 1: Rain and Beards, Beards and Rain; Very Nice, Good Night

Diamondbacks 1, Bronx Bombers 7: Judge Happens

Three times, as it happened. Also, I jinxed Pfaadt, and jinxed us against Luke Weaver.

D-Backs 7, Giants 1: Mini-Sweep is Oh So Sweet

TL;DR: D-Backs ride a well-rounded offense and an excellent start from Merrill Kelly to a mini-sweep and a fifth straight win.

Giants 4 @ Diamondbacks 8

Giants are Venom-Struck

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Arizona Diamondbacks 6, Chicago Cubs 2: How Sweep it Is

Arizona Diamondbacks 7, Chicago Cubs 6: Upon Further Review

You expect me to put this into words?!?

Diamondbacks 6, Tiny Bears 4: One Down, Two to Go

Pfaadt dealt. Offense offensed. Bullpen bullpenned. We hung on.

D-backs 1, Mets 11 - Big Apple, Small Bites

You know when you go out to eat and stuff yourself full of bread or chips and salsa so you don’t have any room for your entree? That’s what this series felt like after the Cubs.

D-Backs 1, Mets 7: Gallen’s Sandwiches

TL;DR Zac Gallen weakened over the game while the offense sputtered and the Mets’ youngsters sparkled.