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Snake Bytes: 9/7 - Defeat Snatched From Victory (Again)

While it wasn’t his best outing, Merrill Kelly still deserved much better than to watch from the bench as Ian Kennedy let another Arizona victory slip away.

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Arizona Diamondbacks v San Diego Padres Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Diamondbacks News

Arizona 5, San Diego 6
Merrill Kelly gutted out seven complete innings and left with a one run lead. The Diamondbacks should have ended the night three games under .500 once the night was over, with a half-game lead on the Giants for third place in the NL West. Ian Kennedy (again) had other ideas.

Kendrick’s Kingdom for a Bullpen
The Diamondbacks gave the Padres all they could handle for 8 innings on Tuesday night. Unfortunately for the Snakes, baseball games are nine innings long.

Kennedy Blows (Again)
The Diamondbacks are once again in fourth place in the division after Ian Kennedy failed to record three outs before allowing two runs and change.

Zac Gallen Named NL Player of the Week
Gallen’s scoreless inning streak is starting to create some buzz.

Zac Gallen Chasing History
Two more scoreless outs and Zac Gallen will tie Brandon Webb’s franchise record for the longest streak of scoreless innings by a Diamondbacks pitcher. 11 more outs, and Gallen will make his way into the top-10 of all-time for MLB.

The Education of Zac Gallen
Arizona’s ace has become dominant through being a student of his craft.

Diamondbacks Lefty Outfield Looking to Hone Approach
Of the talented outfield quartet, only Jake McCarthy is scoring regular at-bats against lefty pitching right now.

Bullpen Continues to Haunt Diamondbacks
Dear Mr. Hazen, Ian Kennedy’s “Best By” date is two years expired.

Other Baseball News

September Predictions and Awards Speculation
Aaron Judge, Paul Goldschmidt, Justin Verlander, Sandy Alcantara, the Dodgers, and the Astros will all like these predictions.

Braves Climb to Top of NL East
After once, not long ago, having been 10.5 games out of first, the Braves are now tied with the Mets atop the NL East.

Five Potential Spoiler Teams
Given how things have gone for the Snakes over the last 12 games, no contender should be eager to play them right now. Teams having to face both Gallen and Kelly in the same series may wish to look elsewhere on the schedule for their necessary wins.

MLBPA Receives Majority Support to Represent Minor Leaguers
The Major League Baseball Players Association announced Tuesday morning that a “significant” majority of minor leaguers have signed authorization cards in favor of the MLBPA creating a minor league bargaining unit.

O’s Down Jays in Bench-Clearing Affair
The AL East is getting a bit testy now that the Baltimore Orioles are starting to believe they belong.