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Tidings from Turambar: Brewers 1, D-backs 5

Vacation Edition!!

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Arizona Diamondbacks
“Turambar drinks wine?”
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 64-69. Pace: 78-84. Change on 2021: +20.

That’s right folks: I’m actually on vacation in California wine country (central coast) as I write this. So Lopez and Nik are right, for once.

Enough about them though. Let’s focus on this game I’m only gonna kinda pay attention to.

Inning 1-2:

Chilling, as is my want, in Paso Robles waiting for the train south to San Luis Obisbo at a little wine tasting room at the train station. With a Malbec in hand I casually note that Gallen cruises through the 1st and 2nd inning. Luxury.

No action for our bats in the 1st, but the 2nd sees King Alek sacrifice himself for the greater good to bring home the future of this team: Corbin Carroll. Praise be.
1-0 Dbacks.

Inning 3:

Gallen laughs at the Brewers. He laughs from his mountain. Almost certain the Brewers will know no glory this day, but we shall see.
Varsho on the other hand is made of glory. His 20th homer of the season exits BOB gracefully and we’re now at a comfy 2-0 lead. Splendid.
Inning 4:

Gallen doing Gallen things yet again, though I feel he’s not getting the number of K’s I’d normally anticipate, yet another luxury for me to gripe about.
No further fun for us in the bottom of the 4th, though I take further comfort seeing Alek with a hit. He, like several other Dbacks, represents the future.

Inning 5:

LOL. Gallen must have sensed my displeasure, as he strikes out the side in the 5th. Holy shit he’s good! Would sure be swell if he got some run support though……

Another hope for the future helps extend our lead as I had prayed. Thanks Jake McCarthy!!!!! 3-0 Dbacks

Inning 6:

An Amtrak employee just informed us that we’re at a full stop, in a tunnel, due to a red signal, without a reason yet. Fun.

Stop trains do not bother Gallen though, as seemingly nothing will, and yet another Brewers scoreless frame passes by.

Inning 7:

The hills of Central California roll by. I imagine Gallen views Brewers batters in the same way: calmly, mildly interested, and sanguine.

After another predictably calm Gallen inning we have another meh Dbats session. No biggy I guess.
Inning 8:

Gallen, likely after a yawn, relinquishes his thrown atop the mound to Kyle Nelson. Big shoes to fill, but basically be just needs to not fuck up catastrophically. Blessedly he does his job and we’re off to the bottom of the frame.

McCarthy joins Varsho in today’s home run club. His 7th of the year makes this a 5-0 game and kinda puts the Brewers to bed in a big way.
Inning 9:

Despite Melancon attempting to ruin my vacation he only gives up a single run to close this game out and thus the Dbacks request for .500 continues….

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Kodak moment: Zac Gallen, +37.1%
Out of focus: Emmanuel Rivera, -5.7%

Gallen rolls his scoreless streak to 41.1 innings, which sits only just behind Brandon Webb’s 42 inning run, over fifteen years ago. It was also Zac’s sixth start in a row where he went at least six innings, allowed no runs and held the opposition to four hits or fewer. That is practically unprecedented in major-league history. Only one pitcher has even gone past four in that feat: Zack Greinke as a Los Angeles Dodger in 2015, matched Gallen’s six. His next start will depend on how the rotation shakes out after the arrival of Nelson tomorrow, but next Sunday in Coors Field currently seems most likely.

A lightly-trafficked Gameday Thread, with under a hundred comments. There were a few Sedona Red comments, albeit mostly me counting up the scoreless streak. But we did also get this from Snake_Bitten.

Having done a number of the Brewers’ post-season chances it’s on to their rivals for the third wild-card in San Diego, to see if we can make things more difficult for them as well. It’s a three game set, beginning tomorrow night at 7:10 pm. Ryne Nelson will be making his major-league debut, as the starter for the Diamondbacks.