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PYW’s 2022: Week 21

We’re coming down to the home stretch! Who will win? Let’s keep playing!

A trio of trophies representing Defensive Player of the Year, Most Improved Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year for the WNBA Photo by David Becker/NBAE via Getty Images

This week’s episode of PYW’s is brought to you by the new Playstation exclusive “Spoiler”! Trapped in a run down basement, you spend 30+ levels fighting overachieving opponents who are trying to escape! You’re goal is to force as many of these moderately successful opponents to stay at your level. The only reward is a sense of accomplishment by ruining other people’s day. Think Fortnite! Available wherever video games are sold.

Welcome back. Last week, in honor of seeing the bane of our existence, TLR, I asked you to mercilessly mock the concept of the unwritten rules and add your own addition to that rulebook that doesn’t actually exist. What did you think would fit in with the concept of don’t walk over the pitcher’s mound, don’t bunt to break up a no hitter, and whatever you do, don’t have fun? Let’s find out!

In third place, we have a tie between Diamondhacks and SpencerSpice with four rec’s apiece!

When your managerial legacy relied on decades of PED cheats, just say “We Play the Right Way” a lot — Diamondhacks

Seriously should be Unwritten Rule #1 the way these arguments usually play out.

You cannot have one foot touching grass while the other touches dirt. Obviously no further reasoning is necessary. It’s how it’s always been so it shall continue to be — SpencerSpice

You heard the man. No further reasoning. If you don’t do it, Brian McCann will jump out of a closet and knee cap you.

In second place, we find Jack Sommers with 5 recs!

There is an unwritten rule that you must get your answer in to PYW the same day the article is posted or you will never get a rec

Sad but true. The downside of this being such an active site is that these fun articles quickly get pushed down the front page and everyone moves on. Very sad.

And rounding out our top three this week is NikT77 with 6 recs!

Don’t chit talk the team you just left to the media in your new town. Penalties include being traded to TLR’s team for a more intensive tutelage on the rest of the unwritten rules.

The weird thing is, I feel like this should be an unwritten rule, and yet somehow it isn’t. Baseball is weird like that.


Players Recs
Players Recs
NikT77 21
Diamondhacks 17
MrRbi17 13
Jack Sommers 17
gzimmerm 11
Xerostomia 10
GuruB 5
SpencerSpice 4
FatElvis04 3
Kilnborn 3
Rockkstarr12 3
M_lopez 2
Preston Salisbury 2
TucsonTim 1

With his first place finish, Nik extends his lead over Hacks to four recs. Hardly an insurmountable lead, however, with four prompts remaining. Also, SpencerSpice makes his first appearance on the leaderboard. Now, on to the next prompt!

So the offense has been doing good lately. Like... really good. Well, except for Ketel Marte. He’s been not great at all actually. What punishment should he receive in Kangaroo Court? Go!