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9/27 Houston Astros 10, Dbacks 2

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Houston Astros Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The scheduled starter for today’s game was originally Lance McCullers Jr, but he was scratched. Starting in his place is Luis Garcia. The Dbacks have actually seen him one time, in the farce of a 2020 season. He entered in relief for Zack Greinke. Gallen started for the Dbacks in that one.
Today Garcia goes up against Zach Davies. Davies has faced the Astros once, in 2020. Humberto Castellanos gave up 3 runs for the Astros in that one, as there is a deep drive to LF...
For dinner today I will be having 2 polish sausages in buns, corn and peroni beer. It is currently 90* on my patio, and 85* in Houston.

First inning

Well I havent been able to load my player, but Carroll struck out and then Varsho flew out to CF, per gameday. Ok, here we go, unfortunate technical difficulties (on my end) just to see McCarthy strike out.

Altuve to lead things off, he hits the 3rd offering from Davies into the Crawford Boxes in LF. Pena first pitch hacking, hits one to McCarthy in RF. Alvarez singles to LF, he limps into 1B, grabs his ankle. Walking around, Baker out, looks like he will stay in the game for now at least. Bregman will ground out to Perdomo in a fielders choice. Tucker bunts against the shift, and since there was literally no one on the left side of the infield, he beats it out for a single. Gurriel with 2 on and 2 out, walks on a full count and the bases are loaded. Mancini gives it a ride to RF but McCarthy has it.

Second inning.

Full count, Walker flies out to RF. Pavin grounds out to 1B. Hopefully stuff like Garcia’s random rocking back and forth for no apparent reason and stepping around in his delivery gets outlawed next year. I am already annoyed by it. Marte strikes out on 3 pitches.

McCormick grounded out to Rojas at 3B. Maldonado strikes out. Back to the top of the order and Altuve now. Pops it up to Walker.

Third inning

Rojas grounds out to 3B. Kelly will fly out to CF. Perdomo hits a no doubter to RF and we are tied. To be completely honest, I had to double check it was Perdomo lol. Bert, “Thats the thing with Perdomo, he is only 22. Its in there somewhere but somewhere it is in there.” Such wisdom. Carroll bunts for an infield single. Varsho strikes out, dropped third strike, so Maldonado will have to throw him out and he does.

Pena grounded out to Marte. Alvarez strikes out looking on a sinker on the outside of the plate. Bregman strikes out as well, on a full count.

Fourth inning

McCarthy hits one to the RF corner, but Tucker has it 4 or 5 feet in front of the wall. Walker flies out to CF. Pavin doubles to LF, ping pongs off the wall a bit. Marte weakly grounds out to 2B.

Davies is at 52 pitches and we will have Tucker leading things off for the Astros, walks on 4 pitches. During the Gurriel at bat, Tucker takes off, Kelly’s throw is into CF and Tucker has a SB. Gurriel grounds to Marte, who thought about going to 3B, takes the much wiser path and throws it to Walker. Mancini hits one that looked like it might be a gapper, but Varsho comes a long way and gets to it. No chance to throw out Tucker coming home, so it is 2-1 Houston. McCormick singled to CF. Maldonado popped up to Perdomo to end it.

Fifth inning

Rojas singles off Gurriel’s glove. Kelly grounded out into a 5-4-3 double play. Perdomo struck out.

Altuve leads off their 5th with a double down the 3B line. Pena grounds out to Marte, Walker gets pulled off the bag, but gets the out. David Hensley now to come in for Alvarez, who had that ankle issue earlier. He singles in front of Carroll and it is 3-1 Houston. Davies is at 83 pitches, but Strom is out to get him and that will be all for Davies tonight. Taylor Widener now on to pitch. Bregman singled. Tucker is hit by a pitch and the bases are loaded. Gurriel thankfully grounds into a 5-4-3 double play. Hensley did score on the play, making it 4-1. Mancini, after a 15 pitch at bat, pops up to Rojas who will catch it on the mound. Mancini slammed his bat down in frustration.

Sixth inning

Carroll grounds out to 1B on the very first pitch of the inning. Garcia is at 70 pitches. Varsho will strike out. Shift was on for McCarthy, he grounded it to Pena the SS, Pena boots it. McCarthy on on the E6. Walker, 3-1, pops up to Pena in foul ground.

Ian Kennedy is now on to pitch. He strikes out McCormick, who reacted like he knew it was a strikeout before the ump called it. Maldonado GO 6-3. Altuve hits a 3-2 pitch for a home run. 5-1, now. Pena drops a single into shallow CF. IPK not fooling anyone. Caleb Smith is warming up now. Hensley makes it 7-1 with a HR to RF, his first in the Majors. Bregman hits a no doubter to LF over the wall and the railroad thing to make it an 8-1 game. Caleb Smith is now in the ballgame to face Tucker. IPK gave up 4 hits, 3 HRs and 4 runs in 23 of an inning. He got the first two batters, then just lost his...stuff. Smith walks Tucker on 4 pitches, before Gurriel GO 5-3.

Seventh inning

Rookie RHP Hunter Brown on to pitch for the Astros. Pavin walks. Marte hits a blooper to shallow LF. Rojas strikes out on a curveball. Kelly grounds to Pena, who throws it to Altuve and Altuve’s throw is not a very good one and Gurriel drops is. First and third now, 2 out. Perdomo walked to load the bases. Carroll strikes out to end it.
Per Jim in the GDT, regarding IPK tonight,

First reliever in franchise history with an outing of less than an inning and three HR allowed. Previous worst was Jeff Bajenaru in 2006:

Caleb Smith still on. Mancini hits a 3-1 pitch home run distance just left of the 3B foulpole, before popping up to Rojas between the mound and the plate. I don’t know why Kelly didn’t react at all, wouldn’t that be his ball? McCormick lined out to Varsho. Maldonado, on the 10th pitch of the at bat, flies out to Carroll.

Eighth inning

Phil Maton on to pitch for the Astros. Varsho greets him with a solo shot, his 27th of the year. McCarthy popped it up. Walker struck out. Pavin, who has doubled and walked tonight, he will GO 6-3.

Luis Frias on to pitch for the Dbacks. Altuve, 3-1, and he walks. Pena launches a breaking ball in the middle of the plate into the crawford boxes, for the Astros’ 5ht home run of the night. McCarthy makes a really good catch on the warning track on a drive to RF by Hensley. Hard to get excited about that, though. * gestures at everything * Frias another 3-1 count to Bregman, popup behind the plate and no one can get it. No one saw it I guess. Another couple of pitches he pops up behind home again, but this time Kelly gets it. Tucker singles to RF. Gurriel singled up the middle. Mancini, 3-1 Frias almost at 30 pitches, and he walks. The bases are loaded for McCormick, who will strike out.

Ninth inning

Last chance for the Dbacks, down by 8. We should have Marte, Rojas and Kelly due up. Did you read that with a straight face? Maton is still on the mound and Wainer Diaz will take over behind the plate for Maldonado. Marte grounds out to Altuve. Rojas also grounds out. Stone Garrett will pinch hit for Kelly, who strikes out to end it.

Time of the ballgame 3 hours and 28 minutes. The Astros outhit the Dbacks 14 to 6 and Houston had 10 LOB, to the Dbacks’ 6.

Only 64 comments in the thread tonight. Have to admit I don’t really get it (don’t bother explaining lol), but only one red comment but rules are rules.