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Snake Bytes: 9/25

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MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Team News

Offense pops in 5th inning and Kelly stops Giants again in D-backs win

Diamondbacks pitcher Merrill Kelly fills void that starting rotation missed

“It’s big,” he said after running his season total to 189 2/3 innings. “With where we’re at in the season it would be very easy for them to say, ‘Hey, you’ve got one more and that’ll be it for the year, just to make sure you’re fresh for next year.’ “Obviously, we’re not fighting for a playoff spot or anything like that, so the fact that they’re willing to kind of change some things around and shift the rotation to give me that opportunity, even if it is just kind of a pride milestone, if anything, it means a lot from them. It means they care about what we care about, too, and not just looking at it from a front office standpoint.”

Kelly stymies Giants, closes in on ‘pretty big milestone’

Can the Diamondbacks Bullpen be Fixed?
Very good an interesting read by Jack Sommers

Other Baseball

‘What a way to win your 100th game’: Astros stage stunning rally

Luis Castillo, Mariners agree to 5-year extension

La Russa will not return this season

Wright’s 20th ‘W’ puts his name among Braves greats

Anything Goes

This day in history:
Ethan Allen is captured after an ill advised raid on Montreal. The Bill of Rights passed Congress in 1789. In 1965, Satchel Paige (59) pitched 3 innings for the Kansas City A’s. I assume this was some kind of pulbicity stunt, since he hadn’t pitched in 12 years and his transactions log say he was signe 5 days previously and released in October.
In 1957, the LIttle Rock 9 began their first day of classes.

This day in baseball:

To this date, scientists have only been able to account for less than 10% of the ocean.

The ocean comprises over 70% of the Earth’s surface, and with only less than 10% of that accounted for, plenty believes the ocean to be home to some of the creepiest and most frightening creatures alive. Today’s technology continues to advance, but the deep levels of the ocean still make it difficult to explore further.

Makes you wonder what is out there....

There are more than 3 million shipwrecks on the ocean floors.

And less than 1% of them have been explored. It is estimated that more than $60 billion of treasures are in these shipwrecks. So what’s everyone waiting for? Of course, there is more to it. Each diving expedition can cost millions of dollars, and it is uncertain what each shipwreck exactly holds and if it is worth the effort and cost.

Solitaire was introduced to Microsoft by an intern.

Wes Cherry developed the game while he was interning in Microsoft. Ever since, this game was pre-installed in all Windows PCs, starting from Windows 3.0.

The first computer operating system I actually remember was Windows 95. We must have had something before that, though. My grandfather was an engineer and worked for dataproducts, so he had a computer with games (well for the grandkids lol) in his office in the early 90s. I remember MS-Dos.