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PYW’s 2022: Week 24

It’s the Final Prompt! (duh de doo doo, dododo do)

Albert Pujols, along with other members of the Cardinals, stands with the 2011 World Series trophy Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

This is it! The final week of the regular season! One last prompt to decide who will face off against Jack in the Playoffs for the coveted PYW’s trophy! But before we can get there, we need to finish setting the stage by looking at the results of last week. I asked you what the Diamondbacks’ plans were for the offseason, which was fitting, as they are now officially eliminated from post season contention as of earlier this week. Very sad, even if it was entirely predictable. In third place, we find SpencerSpice with three recs!

The AL mascots play the NL mascots in a single game, winner takes all series. Flag flown over the MVP mascots stadium the following year.

In all seriousness, how is this not part of the All Star Week? I’d rather watch that than a celebrity softball game.

In second place, Heath Klein has four recs and our first red comment of the week!

Alt text

All teams that make the postseason will be entered into a tournament using an advanced copy of the newest “MLB: The Show”, where they’re permitted to trade for any one player from another team for the entirety of that Postseason (where lower ranked teams get the earliest picks).

The catch being that each pitcher must pitch as themselves and each hitter must hit as themselves, with split screens on the broadcast to show the actual gameplay and the players’ reactions in the clubhouse (including appearances from the tradees).

No censorship, but a counter that functions as a swear jar with each slip of the tongue (including curses in other languages) leading to donations to a cause voted on by the fans of the World Series winning team.

Suddenly, the A’s are now World Series favorites, due to owning the MLB rights to Kyler Murray, and Deandre Ayton is now the most sought after MLB free agent in the world...

Anyway, in first place we find a five rec entry from Xerostomia!

All the teams come to Chase field, we will have the roof open, have the B1 do a fly over, have a team salsa competition with the best 6 Salsa’s from each league be the playoff teams. Each team picks their captain of each the team do best of 7 rock paper scissors. Winner moves to next round, and repeat. Baxter can be the Dbacks representative, because we will undoubtedly have some of the best salsa in the league. (followed by a gif of Baxter playing rock paper scissors)

The top third of the standings stay stationary this week, with no contestants ranked higher than 6th placing on the podium this week. That means, going into the final prompt, Nik has a six rec lead over the next elligible contestant, gzimmerm. Not insurmountable by any stretch! But the odds do heavily favor Nik on this one.


Players Recs
Players Recs
NikT77 27
Jack Sommers 22
gzimmerm 21
Diamondhacks 17
MrRbi17 15
Xerostomia 15
SpencerSpice 11
Kilnborn 9
GuruB 5
Heath Klein 4
FatElvis04 3
Rockkstarr12 3
M_lopez 2
Preston Salisbury 2
TucsonTim 1

Let’s use our final prompt to say goodbye to a legend. Friday evening, Albert Pujols joined one of the most exclusive clubs in sports by hitting his 700th home run. How should the Cardinals honor and celebrate that achievement? Go!