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9/23 Giants 6, Dbacks 5.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

We now join your Dbacks game, already in progress...

The score is 0-0 going to the top of the second inning. Neither team had a hit in the first inning it seems, so nothing was missed.

Second inning

With two outs, Brandon Crawford is batting. He hits a home run to RF, 1-0 San Francisco. David Villar now batting for the Giants, and he will strike out.

Christian Walker to lead things off, 2-2 fouls off what would have been ball 3 high, full count, another foul, takes strike 3 but is unhappy about it. I was on another tab so I didnt see it. Carson Kelly pops up to 1B. Luplow tries his best, but the pitcher works the count full, he walked. I may have just seen a pig flying past my window. Sergio Alcantara now, he will strikeout on 8 pitches.

Third inning

Austin Wynns homers on the first offering from Henry. Their Luis Gonzalez singles to Ketel, couldnt find a handle on it so didnt try a throw. Slater grounded into a 4-6-3 double play. Flores walked. Yas strikes out swinging to end it.

Our Gonzo played over 500 games in LF at Chase, this is theirs’ first game out there.

Carroll will pop up to Crawford by the 3B bag. Perdomo full count gets called out on strikes on a pitch up and away. It was not in the strike zone. Perdomo couldnt believe it. #roboumpsnow 3-1 to Marte he walks on a pitch that was in the same spot. Stone Garrett hits a HR to the triangle in LF-CF and we are tied! Rivera will fly out to CF to end it.

Fourth inning

Longoria singles past Perdomo. Bit of a weird play, JD Davis hits one in front of Luplow, but Longoria couldnt advance because he had to see if it would be caught thus getting thrown out, 9-4. Crawford struck out. David Villar hits a 2 run shot, the 3rd homer allowed by Tommy Henry today. 4-2 Giants. Wynns walked and then Gonzo pops up to Perdomo for the final out.

Made a microwave pizza. With 2 out, Luplow walked. I am sure he is disappointed he didnt make the final out. Alcantara on a full count singles past a diving Davis at 1B. Runners on the corners. Carroll strikes out on 3 pitches.

Fifth inning

Slater struck out. Flores walks on a full count. Yas bunts it to 3B, but gets thrown out. Goes as a sacrifice, but that was a bunt base hit attempt. Henry at 80 pitches and Widener is throwing in our pen. Longoria singles to RF, Stone’s throw home is offline and it is 5-2 SF. Torrey comes out and Henry’s night is done. Widener is on. Davis flies out to Carroll.

Perdomo leads things off with a single to LF. Marte pops it up to 2B. Stone Garrett doubles, Perdomo to 3B. Junior Marte on to pitch for the Giants. Rivera dumps one to RF, Yas dives for it and cant come up with it. Both runners score and Rivera to 2B. Walker walked. Carson Kelly strikes out on a full count. Luplow singles to RF, Rivera scores and Walker to 3B. We are tied at 5. Alcantara flies out to CF to end it

Sixth inning

Crawford GO 6-3. Villar will strike out. Wynns with a groundball up the middle, but Marte cant throw him out. Joc Pederson will pinch hit for their Gonzo, he struck out.

Shell-me Miller on for the Giants. Carroll flies out to CF. Perdomo singled. Marte stuck out. Varsho pinch hit for Garrett, he strikes out.

Seventh inning

Luis Frias on for the Dbacks. Wade walked. Yas flies out to Carroll. Longoria singles to shallow CF. Davis walks on a full count, and the Giants have the bases loaded with 2 out. Crawford strikes out and Frias is pumped up.

Shell-me still out there. Pavin Smith pinch hits for Rivera, and he singles. Pavin’s first appearance for the Dbacks since June 28. Walker and Kelly both struck out. Luplow singled to LF. Alcantara strikes out.

Eight inning

Ginkel on to pitch for the Dbacks. Villar GO 6-3. Jason Vosler will pinch hit for Wynn.

Getting ready for bed. Didnt miss anything. Shell-me still out there. Marte just doubled with 2 out. Alex Young comes in to pitch to Varsho. Varsho lines out.

Ninth inning

Caleb Smith on to pitch. Wade popped up to 3B. Flores flies out to Luplow. Yas singles. Longoria grounds to 3B, and Alcantara throws it away. Runners on the corners, with 2 out for the Giants. JD Davis singles to LF. Yas scores, Longoria gets thrown out at a close play at home trying to score.

Camilo Doval to pitch for the Giants. We will have Pavin, Kelly and Walker due up. Pavin grounds out to Crawford. Walker strikes out. Rojas pinch hits for Carson Kelly, who singles and we have something going with 2 out. Alek Thomas pinch hitting for Luplow, he grounds out to 1B to end it.

Only one sedona red comment tonight, so COTN goes to kilborn. Somewhat ironic considering Miller’s performance tonight.