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Turambar Tidings: Padres 6, D-backs 1


Syndication: Arizona Republic
“I r of the good having pitcher people.”

Record: 68-78. Pace: 75-87. Change on 2022: +21.

Writing about a game while splitting time between my best friend’s child’s 1st bday and escaping that is tough, but I’ll make it work.

Inning 1: Trying to escape a 1yr bday party at my buddies house so bear with me folks.

Ryne Nelson’s afternoon gets off to a rocky start with a Manny 2run bomb to kick things off for the Padres. Not what I was delighted to see with the deafening roar of 9 little kids filling my every sense.

Innjng 2:

Nada to report in this inning except cake being fought over at my friend’s house. Oh to be young again.

Still 0-2 going in to the 3rd.

Inning 3:

No dramatic Padre fireworks but they tack on to their lead with a sac fly to close out the top of the frame. Nelson’s not necessarily doing terrible so much as he likely needs a piece of this bday cake being passed around.

0-3 and still no offense to speak of.

Inning 4:


Inning 5:

Parties over, and my wife and I beat a hasty retreat to find a tv and a drink. Sadly our efforts are rewarded only by Nelson allowing a solo shot to Juan Soto.
Thus our hopes continue to fade in this now mature game.

0-4 after still no bats……

Inning 6:

Nelson’s night’s over after he records the first out of the 6th. Not upset with him, but sure wish his bats backed him.

Widener makes quick work of the Padres after that and the Padres in turn make quick work of our bats in the bottom of the frame. Bleh.

Inning 7:

Widener once more ensures this lead widens no further. Quite the accomplishment for our pathetic bullpen, so I’ll chalk that up as a win at least.
Darvish is finally out for the Padres, so I’m mildly confident we’ll be able to do SOMETHING soon.

Nope. We get nothing and we’ll like it.
Still 0-4 going in to the 8th. Double bleh.

Inning 8:

Ian Kennedy is in. Drink. You’ll thank me later.

Meh, 1run allowed is better than many but it’s still another obvious case of our bullpen just not being up to snuff. 0-5 going in to the bottom of the 8th.

We’ve had two hits this entire game folks. That’s it. That’s all. And in the 8th we don’t add to that meager tally in any way. Double bleh.

Inning 9:

Oh look, Melancon is in and he’s allowed a run. Just another day ending in Y.

So with that we’re off to the bottom of the 9th down 0-6. We’re toast.

A Varsho single, CWalk double and Marte sac makes for a minor bit of effort in making this a game. Still too little too late and we go down 1-6 in unspectacular fashion.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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My Fair Lady: Ketel Marte, +2.5%
Green Mansions: Ryne Nelson, -16.9%

Not quite the way we hoped to end the home-stand, which opened with such promise in the dim and distant past of... Thursday. One Sedona Red comment from some guy called “Michael McDermott” about whom I know absolutely nothing. :)

The problem this week was, however, more likely an offense which scored an average of less than two runs per game (13 in seven) and hit a collective .164 for the week. The road for the Diamondbacks does not get any easier next week, with five games in four days against the Dodgers in Los Angeles, including a double-header. Tomorrow, though, the series gets under way with a rematch from Tuesday, with Merrill Kelly taking on Clayton Kershaw. That finished with a 4-0 win for the Dodgers, so let’s hope for better tomorrow. First pitch is 7:10 pm, so fans will get there around 8-ish...