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Snake Bytes: 9/18 The Musk Oxen are back

Can they hit?

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Team News

Gallen took the loss, his first since June. The Dbacks offense managed 5 hits, 10 LOB and Christian Walker had 3 of those. Good ole “Randy-ball”

Padres get to RHP Zac Gallen, shut down D-backs at Chase Field

“It was all about trying to make him work and frustrating him a little bit and make him threw a lot of pitches,” San Diego manager Bob Melvin said of the strategy against Gallen. “Two off of him, the way he has been pitching, feels good.”0

Diamondbacks’ offense struggles as Padres beat Zac Gallen

“They’re grinding,” manager Torey Lovullo said of his offense. “They’re definitely grinding. That’s how the game goes. If you go into that room I think they’re all frustrated right now. I think we’re a little bit better than what we’re showing over the past three or four games. … This group knows that we’re better than that. They’ll make some adjustments.”

It hadn’t happened since June: Gallen on the hook

Diamondbacks Offense Silent in 2-0 Loss to Padres

D-backs are shutout for the 14th time this season, third time in last six games.

Other Baseball News

After eight-hit day, Rosario walks it off — on error

The 15th inning? I thought these games weren’t supposed to happen anymore? lol

Ohtani does it all in scoreless 7-inning start

I don’t care what Aaron Judge ends up doing (ok, that’s rhetorical), Ohtani needs to be the MVP.

“I don’t take this for granted at all,” Angels interim manager Phil Nevin said. “We’re all seeing things that we haven’t seen before; to be that dominant on both sides. I’ve said it before, he’s the most valuable player of our game right now and until somebody can come in and do the things he does on both sides, I don’t see it going any other way.”

The Arizona Fall League rosters are here — and they’re loaded
Escobar giving Mets fans ‘reasons to cheer’
Always great to see him doing well. He had struggled earlier in the year.

Pujols is at 698 home runs. Aaron Judge is at 57, with 17 games remaining.

Farm Implements

Both A ball affiliates’ seasons are over. None of our affiliates are in danger of making the playoffs except Reno.

AAA Reno beat Sacremento 8-4.

AA Last night the Poodles lost to San Antonio 6-3. They had 12 LOB.
Tonight will be their final game.

Anything Goes

This day in history:

This day in baseball:

February used to be the last month of the year.

We may know January and February as the first two months of the year, but these months were actually the last couple of months added to the Gregorian calendar. Before, the Roman calendar only recognized 10 months. However, the winter period was measured in these two months – making February the last month of the calendar. This is also why February has the shortest number of days in a month.

The national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.

One of the fun facts that’ll make you feel like we’re pulling your leg: the unicorn is officially Scotland’s national animal. The unicorn is the Celtic symbol of purity, innocence, masculinity, and power. Considering the fact that people believed they were real for around 2,500 years, there’s no wondering why the official coat of arms of the United Kingdom features a unicorn.

Thursday the 15th was my bday. I am 37 now.