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Tidings from Turambar: D-backs 12, Rox 6

Gallen’s streak stopped, but record broken

Syndication: Arizona Republic Joe Rondone / USA TODAY NETWORK

Record: 66-73. Pace: 77-85. Change on 2021: +21.

Vacation is over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still have a little fun. For this time I’m up north in the pines crushing a pint with my badass father-in-law at Dark Sky Brewing Co.

Let’s go!!!!

Inning 1:

Achievement unlocked! Gallen beats out Webb for most consecutive scoreless innings for a Dback and is still tracking for the overall record. Holy shit he’s amazing.

Knew he was destined for it, even in the pitcher unfriendly confines of Coors.

Inning 2:

Meh. Another meh inning from the bats, but this game is mostly about Gallen anyhow and far from over.

On that note Gallen keeps that streak going with a commanding 1-2-3 inning here in the 2nd, looking very much like someone we’d like to sign long term very soon indeed.

Inning 3:

Rojas sacrifices in the first Snek run of the afternoon with many many many more to come.

Soon after Stone Garrett drivers in another run and then in a wild little string of events CWalk steals home after he seemingly got caught in no-mans-land after a wild pitch. I’m still processing that one.....

So thus we exit the 3rd up 4-0 over the Rockies and Gallen once more crushes any hope for their bats with yet another 1-2-3 drubbing.

Inning 4:

No further fireworks for us in the 4th, and sadly Gallen’s string of perfection ends here in the 4th as well. Even a god can be humbled and the 3runs the Rockies tacked on Gallen’s outing certainly took some of the steam out of his sales, but we still hold a 4-3 lead going in to the 5th.

Inning 5:

No relief for Gallen to be had in the 5th, but Zac laughs at the Rockies in the 5th and shipped them off to Greenland: 1-2-3.

Just like that the slug fest I thought was certain is now a pitchers duel fought at a rapid pace.

Inning 6:

Rojas starts things off for the Sneks with a 1out single, followed by McCarthy one out later driving him home just barely sneaking a single through to left field: 5-3 Dbacks.

Gallen gives a chefs kiss to this outing with yet another 1-2-3 inning, which would end up being the end of his day and end of quite a spectacular streak of starts. He still did great tonight, especially when one considers how much of a murderers rows Coors can be for even the best of pitchers.

We salute you Zac!

Inning 7:

Stone Garrett sets the table to start the 7th with a walk, followed by a Rivera single, followed by a double steal, followed by a Carson Kelly walk, followed by a KMarte double, followed by a Rojas single and finally followed by a McCarthy single. All these lovely little events leads to a satisfying 5runs and a comfortable 10-3 lead going in to the bottom of the frame.

Sometimes it’s really nice to play in Coors.

Ginkel replaces the august Gallen, but despite being of our oft maligned bullpen he keeps this game very far from the Rockies grasp and we’re off to the 8th very much in charge.

Inning 8:

But then there was Ian Kennedy.....

Why is he pitching at all anymore? WHY?

Hits his first batter he faces and then serves up a juicy meatball to McMahon to make it a 10-5 game. That followed by a single and a walk ends Kennedy elevendieth crap outing and forces one of our few decent bullpen arms to save things. Luckily Mantiply is up to the challenge only gives up one of his inherited runners as we exit in to the 9th.

Inning 9:

A Varsho walk, McCarthy triple and CWalk single act as the icing on the cake of this game; tacking on 2 more runs and all but putting this game out of reach (even against our crap pen).

That point is proven quite true as the Rockies go down in order in the bottom of the 9th and I can now attend to my in-laws who are in town.

Happy Sunday All!!!!

Bells and whistles, by Jim

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Krusty: Stone Garrett, +20.5%
Pennywise: Zac Gallen, +12.6%
John Wayne Gacy: Carson Kelly, -12.7%
Ronald McDonald: Ian Kennedy, -8.1%

Yeah, nothing like scoring 23 runs over a three-game series, and still dropping two of the games... Oh, well. The Gameday Thread was rudely interrupted by a service outage, so despite the record-setting performance by Gallen, we ended up falling just short of 150 comments. As I mentioned, I think Christian Walker stealing home broke the Internet. There were still a few Sedona Red comments, covering the above, Ian Kennedy’s usage and our bullpen in general. But it would be churlish not to choose one that commemorated Gallen’s remarkable achievement, so we give it to samath:

Back to Chase Field go the D-backs to start a streak of a dozen games against the Padres or Dodgers, with San Diego the first in. Not sure I can hold my nose for that long... :) Things get under way at Chase tomorrow night at 6:40 pm, with Ryne Nelson looking to follow up on his amazing MLB debut.