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Snake Bytes: 9/11 Never Forget

Oh yeah, the Dbacks lost 4-1 last night...

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Team News

D-backs’ Ketel Marte, Torey Lovullo ejected in loss vs. Rockies

Before the ejection, Marte had driven in the only Dbacks run.

Madison Bumgarner focuses on positives in loss to Rockies
You have had ALOT of “one of those starts” You’re done.

“It was just one of those handful of starts in the year where you don’t feel like the ball is jumping out of your hand,” Bumgarner said. “It don’t have the same bite. A lot of that is due to being here. But I know what to expect here and it was just also one of those where you don’t feel that good and you know it right from the get go.”

Bumgarner cruises before tough 6th in loss

‘Orel is hearing footsteps’: Zac Gallen’s pursuit of history moves to Coors Field

Good article, as always, from Nick Piecoro.

“No,” Gallen said. “The game of baseball has changed. Even the efficiency that he had done it in — I think 112 pitches is the most he threw — I don’t know if teams now are letting you see a lineup four times. He probably had to get to the top of the order four times. That’s what makes it all the more impressive, on top of the last one threw was 10 innings, and then he went to the NLCS and threw another 8 1/3 scoreless. “Anytime you can get a streak, no matter what it is, but to do it in September and carry it into the LCS, I think there’s a little bit more weight to that. Five CGs in a row, that’s rare. Webby got three. But, I’m sorry, Webby, but five? That’s ridiculous.”

3 key stats behind Gallen’s scoreless streak

Other Baseball

Report: MLB, players reach minor league union deal

Pujols ties A-Rod for 4th with homer No. 696

No asterisk required!

Ohtani lights up radar gun with fastest pitch of career

The two-way star, who typically touches the upper 90s with his fastball, kicked things up a notch when he threw a 101.4 mph fastball to strike out Kyle Tucker in the third inning. It was the fastest strikeout pitch by an Angels pitcher in the pitch-tracking era (since 2008).

Trout sets Angels mark with HR in 6th straight
Geez. Trout and Ohtani? The Angels have two of the best players of alltime and all they have to show for it is one playoff series with Trout in 2014. It was a 3 game sweep for the Royals. Trout went 1-12, and interestingly his only hit was a home run.

Trout is the first Major Leaguer to homer in six straight since Joey Votto homered in seven straight last season, and he’s now two games shy of the all-time record held by Ken Griffey Jr., Don Mattingly and Dale Long.

Aaron Judge home run pace tracker

La Russa back with White Sox, though not yet at helm

“I’m excited to see him, and excited to hear that everything is well and he’s healthy,” acting manager Miguel Cairo said. “I’m excited to see him, and I know that the team is very excited to see him.”

Farm Implements

AAA Reno won 8-7 over Salt Lake.
AA The Poodles walked off the Arkansas Travelers 7-6. Blaze Alexander singles home Lawlar for the winning run.

The A ball season ends tonight.

A Hilsboro came up short, losing 9-8. They scored 3 runs in the 9th inning and 2 runs in the 8th.

A Visalia scored 6 runs in the 7th and 8th innings to down Inland Empire 10-6.

Anything Goes

This day in history:
In 1777, the Battle of Brandywine began. In 1814, the US was victorious in Lake Chamblain (War of 1812). The first cavalry division arrived in Vietnam in 1967.

In 2001, I was a sophomore in high school. The entire school day everyone was just watching the tvs in the classroom. I remember the look on the girl I had a crush on’s face at one point. I remember a teacher, dont even remember what she taught, being choked up and saying “all I want to do right now is go home and hug my daughter.”

The next year we had a thing where we honored some of the vitims and I picked a little girl that was killed on Flight 77. Zoe Falkenberg. She was 8 in 2001, her family was flying to a vacation.

This day in baseball:

2001 - All major league baseball games are canceled due to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Flight #93, and the Pentagon. Games will not resume until September 17th. The Blue Jays take a 12-hour bus ride from Baltimore back to Toronto, and Yankee Stadium is evacuated as a precautionary measure. Former minor league players Marty Boryczewski, Mark Hindy, Mike Weinberg, and Brent Woodall are killed in the attacks.

Squeaky floors were the best home security in 17th century Japan.

You’d expect Japanese feudal lords to live in pristine houses with the sturdiest materials – and that is mostly true, save for their squeaky, creaky floors. Nightingale floors were flooring systems that “chirped” when somebody walked on it. They were installed in temples and palaces to alert of intruders. The floors were built in a way that the flooring nails rub against jackets or clamps, causing squeaking noises.

Insects are attracted to light because of the moon.

Bug behavior can be especially strange, but scientists predict that night insects (like moths) are attracted to lights because they used the light of the moon to navigate the Earth way before artificial lights were made.