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PYW’s 22: Week 17

We lost our most marketable player. Who are we going to put in that role now?

An older gentleman in a suit stands in front of a case of trophies DEAN HENSLEY/ TIMES-NEWS / USA TODAY NETWORK

This episode of PYW’s is brought to you by... Rookie Players! Is the trading card market exploding and you need even more money to buy collector grade baseball cards? Then maybe Rookie Players are the move for you! These players may be the best thing ever! Or they maybe not! But what we can guarentee is they are going to be cheap! League minimum and not a dime more! If you want to expand your collections but not your business, try Rookie Players today!

Welcome back! Last week, I asked you to help the team replace the heart and soul (and 90% of the marketing potential of the team), David Peralta. Fantastic week, with lots of suggestions and just as many recs. In third place we find Rockkstarr12 with 3 recs!

My “Schtick”, if you will, is the BRING BACK GINKEL campaign. Switch him and Melancon. Melancon can go to Reno and mentor the bullpen. I’ll walk around Chase with a sign that says BRING BACK GINKEL and see if I can irritate the powers that be enough until they bring him back!

But... but... that’s not how this is supposed to work? PYW’s suggestions don’t happen. That’s kind of the point, and yet, it happened? I’m so confused...

In second place, we have a three way tie between Jack Sommers, MrRbi17, and NikT77 with 4 recs each!

Kids play free! (or close to it at league minimum)  — Jack Sommers
Maybe Melancon, Luplow, and I. Kennedy could be tagged The Expendables — MrRbi17
Thomas the Tank engine! — NikT77 followed by a gif of Thomas the Tank Engine running off the edge of a cliff.

Some great choices here. Thomas the Tank Engine is another one that strangely enough could actually happen, and Kids Play Free quite literally is. Strangest week of PYWs ever...

Finally, we have gzimmerm in first place with 5 recs!

A Buddy Kennedy/Air Bud collaboration in which Buddy Kennedy plays second base with a Golden Retriever accompanying him. Although “Bud” wouldn’t necessarily be helpful, he would be adorable. Extra credit if they can train him to chase Baxter around.

Fantastic. Let’s make it happen. That’s one thing from the minors that MLB should incorporate. Dog bat boys. This takes it a step further and now they’re playing the game too! Phenomenal!


Players Recs
Players Recs
Jack Sommers 10
Xerostomia 10
gzimmerm 9
MrRbi17 9
Diamondhacks 7
NikT77 4
Rockkstarr12 3
M_lopez 2
TucsonTim 1

First of all, welcome to the leaderboard Rockkstarr12! Always good to see you on the podium. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but his second place finish vaults Jack into the lead, but! he is tied with Xerostomia and gzimmerm and MrRbi17 are only one point behind them. Very close four weeks into the second half, so we’ll just have to keep going to see who comes out on top!

This week, we’re going to zoom out a bit and make the league as a whole a target for our... helpful assistance. I think it’s time to shake things up. I want you to choose any team in MLB and replace their current mascot with a new one of your creation. Go!