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Turambar’s Take: ChiSox 2, D-backs 7


Syndication: Arizona Republic

Let’s go!!!!!!!

Friday’s here and it’s happy hour, so grab your pint and let’s watch some baseball!!!!!

Inning 1:

  • Cueto. Feels like I’ve seen him pitch most of my adult life, which is mostly true. He’s certainly been in the majors far longer than all three of the Dbacks he sent down in the 1st inning combined. Good for him.
  • Henry's no Cueto but he’s young enough to give it the old college try. He cruised through the 1st easily enough and we’re quickly off to the 2nd tied at zero.

Inning 2:

  • Bases get loaded on Cueto right quick; Walker single, Varsho single and Luplow walk. Alek drives in Walker with a sac fly and then Rojas really gets things going with a bases clearing double AND THEN Rivera puts the cherry on top with a two run bomb. Folks. We winning. 6-0 going in to the bottom of the 2nd.
  • Henry once more holds court in ChiTown, and I imagine that comfy lead helps a bit. Lol. 6-0 going in to the 3rd.

Inning 3:

  • Cueto’s bad day becomes worse with a Varsho solo shot and it’s looking like his night will either be short or long to protect the bullpen going forward in to this series. Either way we’re very much in the catbird seat. 7-0 Dbacks going in to the bottom of the frame.
  • King Alek!!!!!!! Huge diving snag to once again show how valuable he’s been thus far this season. Henry holds up his end if the bargain and we’re comfortably off to the 4th

Inning 4:

  • We are a merciful ball club, and Henry a true avatar of mercy let’s the ChiSox sample a taste of hope as he allows a loan run to Elvis Andrus. On that note I’ve noticed The King in attendance on numerous occasions and in numerous forms this game….

Inning 5:

  • Up by only 6 now our bats decide to mail things in, though I guess I should go easy on em…with our bullpen though nothing is safe.
  • Henry is still dealing, but kinda getting in a little trouble. Lucky for him Alek owns the outfield and he has yet another circus catch; this time likely saving two runs. Wow. 7-1 going in to the 6th.

Inning 6:

  • Cueto’s night is over for the ChiSix and we now have a Tanner Banks to rob in his stead. No heist committed by us in the 6th, but I got a feeling we’ll tack another run on before this game is through.
    Tommy Henry’s night is also over and our shaky and often frustrating bullpen gets the nod, starting with Ginkel. My fears thus far appear to groundless and our comfy 6run lead is still very much comfy going in to the 7th.

Inning 7:

  • Heat’s still on hold for Bank’s here in the 7th, but there’s still hopefully another inning left for him for me to make good on a bad pun.
  • Huh. Bullpen doesn’t fail for a 2nd inning in a row. Wild. Ginkel cruises once more and we’re off to the 8th still up 7-1.

Inning 8:

  • Banks is not just ruining my puns, he’s also ruining a prop bet I made involving home runs from Dbacks who have yet to hit one this game. Meh, we’re winning.
  • Moronta comes up to the mound in Ginkel’s place and his rotund frame carries us one inning closer to victory. Still 7-1 going in to the 9th.

Inning 9:

  • Whelp, my prop bets are toast as no homers occurred in our half of the frame, but I’ll endure.
  • Holton service atop the mound is not perfect, but despite the solo shot he gives up it’s just fine. Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bells And Whistles, by ISH95

The Fangraphs WPA chart, showing that the Diamondbacks had complete control of this game, basically starting in the third inning

Leverage Index provided by Fangraphs

Jim is AWOL, or something, and I’m not doing anything productive like, IDK, writing PYW’s, so I figured I’d jump in and help out. Despite the easy win, there weren’t any massively big WPA%’s. Josh Rojas lead the way with 19.1%,Varsho right behind him at 11.8%, with everyone else being in single digits, either plus or minus. Carson Kelly had the misfortune being the worst performer, with a -6% outing. Honestly, makes it a better win for me, as that shows it was a team effort, and not just one person having a great night that carried the game.

COTN goes to Jack. Really is just like writing PYW’s!

That was a totally unsurprising very quick first inning. I’m setting the D-backs over/under on runs for the series at 9.5. Okay I’ve set up enough “anti” and “walk of shame” material for this game. Back to Mr. Sunshine and positivity ;)

We thank Jack for his service for motivating the Diamondbacks to prove him wrong :-) The Diamondbacks go for the series win against the Chicago LaRussa’s tomorrow at 4:10 Arizona time!