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Snake Bytes: 8/15 Walked all over them

No you aren’t seeing double posted SBs...

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Team News

D-backs’ Christian Walker drives in 4 runs in win over Rockies

Christian Walker ignites Diamondbacks in rubber-match win over Rockies

Henry keeps rotation rolling, gets MadBum in his corner

“I felt like today was another step,” Henry said. “I felt like I was in a decent groove most of the day. … I threw a lot of curveballs today. It was one of those things where if it feels good and plays well, just kind of run with it.”

“I’m working on something right now,” Bumgarner said. “Something mechanical. I don’t want to say anything about it yet. If we’re right, then it’ll be really good.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Other Baseball

So close! ‘Elite’ Rasmussen takes perfecto bid into 9th

“I mean, I’ll take it,” Rasmussen said, smiling. “I wouldn’t say it was disappointing, man. I came that close, and very few can say they’ve done that, too.”

Rays 4, Orioles 1: Almost Perfect

It turns out that the Dbacks actually drafted Rasmussen. Granted, it was the 39th round and he was a high schooler. The Rays drafted him in 2017, but he didn’t sign. The Brewers drafted him the next year and he eventually got traded to...the Rays.

Also of note in this game, the Rays’ new LFer walked and got a RBI hit...

Dodgers’ stellar run ends at 12, one shy of franchise mark

Estrada’s first career walk-off homer seals sweep

Votto sets record for most games by Canadian-born player

During Cincinnati’s 8-5 win, the Etobicoke, Ontatio native played in his 1,989th career game, passing Hall of Famer Larry Walker for most Major League games for a player born in Canada. Behind Votto and Walker in the rankings are Matt Stairs (1,895), Russell Martin (1,693) and Justin Morneau (1,545).
Good for him, one of my favorite non-Dbacks.

Farm Implements

AAA Aces won 5-1. Herrera and Hager both had 2 RBI and Pfaadt went 6 innings, giving up 1 run and striking out 10.
AA Poodles lost to Springfield 15-11. Only one pitcher for either team did not give up a run, the Poodles’ Justin Lewis.
A Hilsboro lost 5-1, to the Spokane Indians.
A Visalia won 14-8 over the Modesto Nuts.

Anything Goes

This day in history:

The Panama Canal opened in 1914. Hirohito announced Japan’s surrender in 1945. Woodstock opened in 1969.

This day in baseball:

Just because I am filling in for DBE

The Netherlands has a squirrel bridge.

One of the most interesting fun facts about humans’ relationship with animals: After a few squirrel casualties, Netherlands officials built a squirrel bridge across the N44 motorway. The two-year project cost a hefty £120,000. However, to date, only five squirrels have been seen using it.

Don’t call the Netherlands ‘Holland’

People are often confused about whether to refer to ‘the Netherlands’ or ‘Holland’ when talking about the low-lying country. To clarify, the Netherlands consists of 12 provinces, and Holland is an area that is made up of two provinces; North-Holland (Noord-Holland) and South-Holland (Zuid-Holland). Historically, Holland was the area that contributed the most to the Dutch kingdom’s economy and wealth; thus becoming a common name to indicate the entire country, although used incorrectly.