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Snake Bytes: 8/14 Gallen dominates with the help of Rivera

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MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies John Leyba-USA TODAY Sports

Team News

Diamondbacks match last season’s win total with shutout victory over Rockies

“I was able to reset over the All-Star break. Nothing I really changed that much, just some things that we picked up on, little things,” Gallen said. “It was hard to get nitpicky. Outside of the last couple outings going into the All-Star break I was having a pretty decent year, numbers-wise and stuff-wise.”

Zac Gallen turns in 7-inning gem as Diamondbacks shut out Rockies

Emmanuel Rivera continues hot start to D-backs’ career with 2 early blasts

In just his seventh game with Arizona, Rivera now has four home runs. The third baseman had just six long balls in 63 games with the Kansas City Royals prior to being traded for right-handed pitcher Luke Weaver. In his last seven games, Rivera has eight base-hits to sport a .400 batting average to go with five RBIs.
If you wondered, Luke Weaver has pitched in 4 games, 4 IPs. He has given up 4 runs in 2 out of the 4. (yes, I know small sample size for Rivera and Weaver)

Hundreds gather to memorialize Nicole Hazen, wife of Diamondbacks GM Mike Hazen

“It wasn’t just so I could torment you to hug your mom again,” he said. “It was that I wanted you to have a lifetime of hugs from mom for however much time we had because I know you’ll never forget how much your mom loves you and I never wanted you to forget her embrace.”

He continued: “If there is one thing I could ask you to carry on in her legacy, it would be to be a magnet for good people. Your mother was like a moth to a flame for good people.”

Former RHP Haren ‘a great resource’ for staff

Other Baseball

No. 4 prospect Hall makes debut in heat of WC race

Ohtani continuing to make baseball history

Servais emotional after 500th win as manager

Padres react to Tatis news: ‘We’ve gotten this far without him’

“He hasn’t been part of our team all year, and we’ve gotten this far without him,” Machado said. “We were waiting to get him back and hopefully be a spark plug for the team. But we’ve been doing it all year. Just continue doing it.

Former Dback news
Aug. 13: RHP Joel Payamps placed on family medical emergency/bereavement list

Farm Implements

AAA Reno won 7-4 over Albuquerque. Carroll had a hit and 2 walks.

AA The Poodles won 5-3 over the Springfield Cardinals.

A Spokane beat Hilsboro, 9-4.

A Visalia beat Modesto, 3-1.

Anything Goes

This day in history:

Japan’s unconditional surrender was made public on this date in 1945. Japan fomerly surrendered on September 2nd. In 1971, Bob Gibson threw his first no hitter against the Pirates.

This day in baseball:

Arizona Coyotes Bashing is Really Senseless

Humans can’t taste food without saliva.

Another fun fact about the body: You wouldn’t taste your food without spit. Your saliva dissolves food, which allows the receptors in your taste buds to detect food molecules.

In Elizabethan England, the spoon was so novel and prized that people carried their own folding spoons to banquets.

In the 13th century, the coronation of every British king was preceded by a ritual where the new king would be anointed by a ceremonial spoon

I recently watched a 15 episode series called “Wild West Chronicles.” (on freevee) It had episodes of Annie Oakley, Bat Masterson, but also had episodes on Susan Anderson (frontier DR) and some other lesser known people. Bass Reeves doesn’t deserve to be in the lesser known group. I had never heard of him before, maybe in passing in a documentary.

I look forward to anything our resident historian might have to say about Reeves or that series.