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D-backs 6, Pirates 4: That was close.

Tommy Henry’s first career win.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Arizona Diamondbacks Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s game features Tommy Henry, in his second career start, against Zach Thompson. Thompson has faced the Dbacks one other time, this past June 5th in a Pirates 3-0 win. Thompson went 5 innings, gave up 4 hits, walked 2 and struck out 4. He has struggled particularly of late, having given up 17 runs in his last 15.1 innings.

I made two brats for dinner, one I put dijon mustard on and the other ketchup. I had peanuts, sunflower seeds and a bag of pretzels. I also have a 25oz can of Kilt Lifter and two other beers. My internet has been choppy all day, I would assume due to the weather, so hopefully I can get a reliable pxp in but I might have to miss a batter or two rebooting. If anything significant happens, I can always fill in the blank. As of 6pm, the temperature in Pittsburgh is 75* and 98* in Phoenix. Down where I am at we have been having showers all afternoon and my patio thermometer says 82*.

First inning

Tommy Henry’s Chase Field debut, and the first pitch to Newman is taken for a strike. Struck him out on a slider. Reynolds flies out to Varsho. Hayes with a groundball single past Perdomo. Gamel grounds out to the pitcher, 1-3.

Josh Rojas doubled down the LF line on the first pitch offered by Thompson. 3-0 count to Alek Thomas and we walks. Marte chops one to 1B and Chavis gets the fielder’s choice out at 2B. Full count to Christian Walker, he singles to RF, scoring Rojas! Varsho pops up to Newman. McCarthy ends it by grounding out to SS.

Second inning

Chavis grounded out to Perdomo. Rodolfo Castro popped up to Perdomo. Oniel Cruz singled. Allen grounds the ball to Rojas, who gets the fielder’s choice out at 2B.

Seth Beer to lead things off, he walked on a full count. Thompson tweaked something. Trainers are out and he is getting throws, and he will stay in. Kelly with a full count, flies out to LF, the Pirates OF rushes the throw back in. Does he realize Seth Beer is running? lol. Perdomo hits one to RF, Gamel tries for it but it bounces over the wall fo a ground rule double. Runners are on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out. Rojas struck out and Thomas flew out to Allen in LF.

Third inning

Delay works the count full before grounding out to Perdomo. Neman struck out on a slider in the dirt. Bryan Reynolds walked. Hayes flies out to Varsho to end it.

Marte grounds it right at 2B Castro. Walker doubles to RF, hustle double. Varsho flies out to Reynold in RF, Walker tags and advances to 3B. McCarthy hit a little chopper that went 100 feet but Castro was playing back so McCarthy was able to beat it out and scoring on the play is Walker. McCarthy stole second. Beer lines out to 2B.

Fourth inning

Gamel grounds out to Walker. BB said “very Goldy-like.” Chavis flies out to McCarthy. Apparently, Chavis plays the ukulele. I wonder if Kilo has one. Castro walks on a full count. Four innings and four 2 out baserunners now for Henry. Cruz singles to CF. Allen grounds out to Rojas.

Kelly grounds out to 1B. Perdomo taps out to the pitcher. Rojas grounds out to 1B.

Fifth inning

Delay flies out to CF on the first pitch. Henry is at 56 pitches. Newman grounds out to Perdomo. Reynolds also grounds out to Perdomo.

Thomas popped up to 2B. Marte 0-2, goes fishing at a curveball for strike 3. Walker with a full count. Pirates have LHP Eric Stout up in their pen. Walker fouled 4 off, and then walks. Thompson is at 85 pitches. 19 pitches to Walker. He will get lifted for Stout. Varsho grounds out 4-3.

Sixth inning

Hayes and Gamel both grounded out to Perdomo. That is 7 fielding chances now for Perdomo. Chavis homered to left-center, looked like it kind of bounced off the top of the wall. Perdomo handles a popup for the final out. The score is 2-1, Dbacks.

Stout still in the game. McCarthy tries to drag a bunt, but it goes foul, end up flying out to CF. Emmanuel Rivera to pinch hit for Seth Beer. Rivera singled to LF. RHP Duane Underwood Jr in the game to face Carson Kelly. I am not sure if it was a botched hit and run, but Rivera was on the move as Carson struck out so it goes as a “strike him out, throw him out” double play to end the frame. Rivera only has 2 SBs in his young MLB career. It doesn’t look like he stole bases too much in the minors, either.

Seventh inning

Cruz popped up to Marte. He had a couple of swings that looked like he was trying to hit a home run. Henry is at 80 pitches and Noe Ramirez is warming in our pen. The 3-1 pitch to Allen, who thinks it was a ball, got called a strike by the 1B umpire. He takes the next pitch for strike three and turns around to have words with the home plate umpire. Jason Delay on a 2-0 count gets a strike. The Pirate bench doesn’t like that at all and starts barking then the home plate umpire lets them have it. They are still pissed about the Allen at bat.

Underwood still on the mound for Pittsburgh. Perdomo hits a comebacker that defected off the pitcher, for a single. Rojas drops a hit in front of Gamel in RF. Thomas grounds out to Chavis, both runners safely advance. Come on let’s get at least one insurance run. There is only 1 out in the inning and we have runners on 2B and 3B. Chris Devenski is warming up in our pen. Marte singles up the middle into CF and both runs score! 4-1 Dbacks. Walker singles now, he is on for the 4th time today. Varsho walks to load the bases! And only now will the Pirate bullpen get busy. McCarthy singles through a drawn in infield, 2 runs score and it is 6-1! Henry looks alot more relaxed in the dugout now than 10 minutes ago. Yohan Ramirez is now in the game for the Pirates and there is still only 1 out. Rivera pops up to the mound, the entire Pirate defense looked like they wanted to catch it. Carson Kelly the 9th man to bat, he might have the dubious honor of being the final out in two consecutive innings. And he will, grounds out 5-3.

Eighth inning

Chris Devenski on now. Newman and Reynolds both ground out to Perdomo and Marte respectively. Hayes singles up the middle as he is able to beat Marte’s throw. Gamel ropes one to RF, Varsho dives for it and can’t come up with it. It rolls all the way to the wall and Gamel goes into 2B and scores Hayes. Chavis hits a 2 run home run, his second of the night. Castro sends one to the warning track, but Varsho will be there to get the out. It is now 6-4...

Ramirez still on for the Pirates. Melancon throwing in our bullpen. Perdomo lined out to LF. RHP Will Crowe now in to pitch. Rojas flies out to RF. Alek Thomas grounded out to 1B.
Apparently, the reason Ramirez pitched to a batter, instead of Crowe starting the inning was that Ramirez had already gotten to the mound. So because of that, the Pirates couldn’t change pitchers.

Ninth inning.

Mark Melancon on with a 2 run lead. Bottom of the Pirate order, Oneil Cruz to lead things off, but his run is technically meaningless. Cruz strikes out on a couple of curveballs. 3-1 to Allen, lines a rocket to Christian Walker, he dives and tumbles and has it! Bligh Madris will pinch hit for Jason Delay. He walks. Kevin Newman, who is 0-4 with 2 strikeouts tonight, represents their last chance. Newman hits it off the end of hit bat to Varsho for the final out!
Neither team committed an error. The Dbacks out hit the Pirates 11 to 7 and also out LOB them by 2 runners. Time of the ballgame, exactly 3 hours. Tonight was our 50th win of the season. On August 9th of last year, we had 35 wins.

As far as I can tell, this is the only sedona red comment, so it will do for COTN. I think it makes more sense with the whole chain, though.